What Is the “School Leaver Employment Supports” Scheme?

School Leaver Employment Supports

In Australia, there are people of all ages living with some form of disability. There are also various support networks around to assist people with disabilities in one way or another. One of those support initiatives is the SLES.

If you don’t know what the SLES, or “School Leaver Employment Supports” scheme is, or you want to learn more about it and how it works, this article will explain what SLES is and what it does. 

What Is the School Leaver Employment Supports Scheme?

SLES is a support scheme created by the Federal Government and administered by various organisations around the country. It comes under the umbrella of another government initiative called NDIS, or the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

The scheme was created to help year 12 school leavers with a disability to prepare for life beyond the school years with support and training to effectively tackle, with confidence and hope, the next crucial stage of their lives. It’s all about helping young people with a disability achieve their goals after the final school bell has rung. 

How Does the SLES Scheme Work?

The SLES program doesn’t commence once a disabled Year 12 student leaves school. It actually commences before then, during the student’s final year of schooling. This is to create an opportunity to prepare, beforehand, for the new road ahead. The scheme makes for a smoother and more seamless transition from school to employment. The primary role of any provider of the SLES program is to prepare a young person with a disability to make a successful transition into the workforce.

How is this achieved?

Capacity-building activities throughout the individual’s final year of school are one part of the program, along with helping school leavers look for jobs and secure employment. Each program participant is treated on an individual basis with the support that’s tailored to their specific needs. Participants are also connected with potential employers through professional networks, so there is every chance the school leaver living with a disability can find work as soon as possible.

The SLES program is funded by NDIS for up to two years. During this time, program participants can learn and develop new skills to help them get a job. Some skills might include money handling and management, work experience, improving communication skills, time management techniques, and so forth.

Coupled with the NDIS program, SLES not only helps school leavers get a job but also to offer ongoing support to them and their employers so they can effectively keep that job. Any issues will be quickly addressed.

While there are a number of schemes available to assist those with disabilities find employment, SLES was created to specifically help school leavers in this quest. 

How You Can Avail of the SLES Scheme

One of the best ways to take advantage of the School Leavers Employment Supports scheme is through a Jobactive provider. What is a Jobactive provider? These companies work in tandem with Centrelink and are another government initiative to help unemployed people find work. This also includes job seekers with a disability and school leavers with a disability.

Teamed up with a local Jobactive provider, they will implement and oversee the SLES program for participants, along with offering things like programs for self-development, job skills training, giving participants access to equipment to help in their job hunt and general support along the way. Your Jobactive provider may also encourage you to participate in work experience, so you can gain the skills and confidence required to land a paying job. The preparation of resumes and job interview training is also a part of the program.

Most importantly, when all is said and done, your administrator of the SLES program will connect you with potential employers and businesses and offer you hands-on help in securing employment.

While some school leavers will opt to study a university course, if you’re keen to get straight into the workforce once school is over, having the ongoing support of the SLES program will provide a huge helping hand. 

The Takeaway

Anyone with a disability naturally faces some extra challenges when it comes to getting a job and for school leavers, that task can seem even more daunting. Therefore, speak to someone about the SLES scheme, so you can receive the assistance you need to succeed.

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