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Which Floors Complement Each Rooms of Your Home Best?

Which Floors Complement Each Rooms of Your Home Best

When doing a full renovation of your home, one of the key considerations you need to make is the flooring you are going to choose for each room. There are going to be some choices that work well in one area, and others that might suit a different room more.

Here are some of the floors you should consider for each of your rooms.


You might not think a lot about your bathroom, but the floors you pick for here need to be waterproof and durable on top of being stylish. Nothing is more frustrating than investing your savings into floors that, in just a few years, begin to show signs of water damage.

For this reason, LVT flooring has proven to be particularly popular in rooms prone to splashes, steam, and humidity. It is available in wood, slate, and other effects, and it can really add something special to a bathroom – as well as plenty of practicalities. Click here to see many of the amazing options you could find.

Bedrooms floors


Bedrooms should be a warm and comforting place for you to relax in. While some people still prefer the plushness of carpet, one of the most popular options these days is wood flooring. Wood floors attain a natural warmth that feels very comfortable underfoot, and they are fantastic for creating a timeless canvas on which to design the rest of the room.

If you do want to opt for wooden or laminate flooring, look into the benefits of underfloor heating. This can be expensive to put in initially, but it can be cost-effective over a long period of time. It is a great way for you to get the look you want for your home without having to make too many compromises.


The kitchen can be a difficult room to judge when trying to choose floors. You need to find something that is durable and able to hold up against anything your kitchen might throw at it. This includes a lot of spills, crumbs, and the occasional dropped plate – all things that can cause irreparable damage to floors that aren’t fit for purpose.

For this reason, you also need something waterproof and easy to clean. Tiles, LVT, and waterproof laminate flooring are all brilliant choices that you could choose for your kitchen that will fit these criteria. If you can pick a smart option for your kitchen floors, it will stay looking good for many years to come.

Living Rooms

The living room is your entertaining space, and therefore you need to make sure that you have a room that you are proud to show to visitors. However, it is also a space that you will use for relaxing. It is important that you can find this balance between a relaxing space and one that you are going to love to entertain your friends in.

For this reason, wood flooring is always going to be an amazing choice. With wood floors, you are able to pick a variety of colours and patterns. If you want a parquet, there are many options out there that could look fantastic with both contemporary and more traditional decorating styles. A wide area rug can create a cosier feel in larger rooms – and a soft surface for children and pets.


Finally, we have hallways. These are the grand entrances of your home and so they have to make the right impact. A good hall should be welcoming, and should encourage a visitor to step across your threshold and deeper into your home.

If you have an older property, you could consider a tiled floor. Many older properties used black and white tiles on the floor of their halls. You could either restore yours if it is in a bad condition, or you could make a new one to breathe some fresh life into the space.

The other option that will always work here is wood flooring. As with your living room, a wood floor will always look prestigious whether you opt for planks or for parquet. Think about the shape and size of your hall, and what might be best for achieving that effect of drawing visitors in.

Personal Preference

Of course, our choices above are just a rough guide of what you could choose for each room of your home. After all, it is your property, and so you can pick whatever you want! Our only advice is that you try to match the properties of the flooring to the room it is going in. For example, carpet is not going to be a great option for your kitchen due to the abundance of spills that can happen here.

With some careful thought, you should be able to track down the ideal flooring for each room of your home. If you are undertaking renovations, think about your floors that need replacing, and what would work best in each space.

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