Who is Cole Cameron Leinart

Who is Cole Cameron Leinart

Cole Cameron Leinart is the son of American former football quarterback Matt Leinart. The young celebrity kid was born on October 24, 2006, in California, United States, to the former football star and her partner Brynn Cameron. Cole Cameron’s mother was a basketball player while in college.

Early Life, Education and Passion

Cole Cameron did not grow up with both of his parents since they were separated. However, even though he grew up with his mother, his father was always around, and he loved him. He grew up surrounded by love from his stepfather, Blake Griffin, his father, Matt, and, of course, his mother loved and still loves him. Besides, Cole Cameron has two younger siblings from his mother’s marriage with Blake Griffin, and they love him.

Regarding his education, Cole Cameron Leinart is currently studying at Mater Dei, the same institution his father studied. He seems to be following in his father’s footsteps. Besides, Cole has a passion for both basketball and football, and he plays football for Mater Dei. He sometimes shares pictures and videos of him while playing football.

Cole is passionate about football, and we might probably see him playing professional football like his father someday.

His parents’ Relationship

Cole Cameron Leinart’s parents met while in college; however, their relationship was short-lived. They were never married, and they separated before Cole was born. Upon their separation, Cole’s mother moved on with her life, and she married Blake Griffin, with whom she has two children. On the other hand, Matt has been married to actress Josie Loren since 2018.

His Father

Cole’s father was born with crossed eyes, and this made him a target for bullies while in school. Besides, he was overweight, and it made it worse, so he decided to turn to sports to keep his mind at ease. While in Mater Dei High School, he played in the football and basketball teams. He did well in football, and when he was a junior, he was voted as the Most Valuable Offensive Player.

After high school, Cole’s father joined the University of Southern California, where he played football under coach Paul Hackett. Matt did well in his college football, and after college, he was selected by the Arizona Cardinals in the 2006 NFL draft. Cole’s father played for the Cardinals but mostly as Kurt Warner’s backup.

After his spell at Arizona Cardinals, Cole’s father joined the Houston Texans, but he didn’t play much in his first season with the team. He started a few games after Matt Schaub suffered a right foot injury. The other teams Matt Leinart played for include Oakland Raiders and Buffalo Bills before retiring in 2013. Due to his excellent performance while in college, Cole’s father was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2017.

Social Media

Cole Cameron Leinart is active on social media platforms, especially on Instagram, where he likes posting pictures of himself. Despite not enjoying a large following like his father, he likes posting for his over 8k followers. It is unclear if he is on Twitter and Facebook since no accounts affiliated with him have been found on the two platforms.

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