14 Outdoor Activities You Can Do With Your Dog


Now that summer is here again; it’s time to get out and about with your canine companion to make the most of the good weather. Spending time in the fresh air is fun, and it’s also thought that enjoying time outdoors with your dog can help to prevent your pet from developing bad behaviors, such as chewing, destructive habits, and antisocial barking.

There are lots of wonderful outdoor activities that you can do with your furry friend.

Read this guide to discover 14 of them!

1. Take the Plunge!

If your dog can play or walk off-leash, try taking him to a dog-friendly swimming location, such as your local lake or a beach.

Senior dogs and those with joint problems can benefit hugely from hydrotherapy, and its great fun, too! Swimming is easy on the joints and provides a natural resistance without risking injury.

Of course, if your dog is afraid of the water, don’t force him to take the plunge!

2. Go Kayaking

If your dog loves water and is well-behaved, you could take him kayaking.

Remember to take a water bowl, some bottled water, a doggy first aid kit, a towel, and a dog life jacket.

3. Take A Road Trip

Most dogs love to be taken on a road trip, especially if you have a convertible!

Of course, safety is a priority for everyone in the vehicle, so always have your canine chum ride in one of the many crash-tested dog crates on the market. That way, Fido can still safely enjoy the thrill of the open road and the feel of the wind in his fur while contained in a secure crate.

A dog that’s loose in a moving vehicle immediately becomes a potentially lethal projectile in the event of an accident, presenting a danger to you and your passengers. So, always have your dog travel in a crate.

4. Go to A State Park

Most dogs love to explore new places where there are plenty of enticing smells and new sights to take in. Many State parks also provide dog waste bins and water stations along their trails. However, not all parks permit dogs, so always double-check before you set off.

We recommend that you keep your dog leashed at all times when hiking the trails in a wilderness area. You might come across wildlife, and you don’t want your dog to disturb nesting birds.

5. Go Hiking

If your dog is physically fit, spend a day hiking. Even if you’re not a keen walker, you can find pretty flat and easy-going trails.

Remember to take plenty of poop bags with you and clean up after your dog when necessary.

6. Go to The Beach

If you have a dog-friendly beach near your home, why not spend a day on the sand with your dog?

You can go swimming, play frisbee with your pup, and even make sandcastles while your dog has a great time, and you top up your tan. Remember to take plenty of water for your dog, treats, a sunshade, and plenty of sunscreen.

7. Go on A Camping Trip

If your dog is well-trained, obedient to your basic commands, and isn’t a confirmed barker, you could go on a camping trip together.

Check that the campground you intend to visit is dog-friendly and be prepared to keep your dog tethered or crated outside your RV or tent. Your pet will also need to be leashed when you’re out and about around the site.

8. Gone Fishin’!

If you’re a fisherman, why not take Fido with you for a day casting from the bank or drifting on the water.

Your dog must be well-behaved and obedient so that he doesn’t dive into the water and disturb the fish and other anglers. You’ll need to ensure that your pet has lots of shade, drinking water, snacks, and pet-safe insect repellant.

Keep your tackle box secure to keep your dog away from bait and hooks.

9. Make A Doggy Ball Pit

Not every dog love to get his feet wet!

If your dog hates water, try filling a kids’ paddling pool with small plastic balls. Your dog can have great fun bounding in and out of the pool to fetch any balls that jump out.

10. Take Your Dog Shopping

These days, there are lots of dog-friendly pet stores. Some even have an in-store vet clinic and grooming salon!

Your dog will love taking a trip to a dog-friendly pet store, where you can buy some new toys and treats for your canine chum. Fido could even choose his own presents!

11. Play in Your Backyard

If you’re often too busy to play fetch, frisbee, or tug-of-war with your dog, take time out for playtime in your backyard.

An hour or so having fun in the fresh air can be just as good at home, saving you time and hassle.

12. Have A Picnic

Not every dog and owner are exercise freaks, preferring to chill out instead.

So, why not head to the park with a picnic? Your dog can laze around or play beside you while you enjoy some tasty snacks. Don’t forget to take some yummy nibbles for your dog, too.

13. Take Obedience Classes

Every dog, especially a puppy, can benefit from attending obedience classes.

Obedience is essential in every dog if he’s to be socially acceptable and safe to take out and about. Aside from basic commands, you can teach your dog some more advanced tricks to impress your friends and expand your dog’s repertoire.

14. Try Dog Agility

If you have an active, fit dog, he might enjoy attending dog agility sessions.

Dog agility involves the dog negotiating a course of simple obstacles and challenges, including small jumps, ramps, tunnels, and poles to weave in and out of. Many dogs, and their owners, love taking part in agility classes and competitions, so why not give it a try!

Final Thoughts

You can have hours of endless fun outdoors with your dog.

Whether you enjoy hiking, swimming, boating, shopping, or simply lazing in the sun on a picnic blanket, there’s an outdoor activity on our list to appeal to you and your canine companion.

Have a wonderful summer!

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