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Should You Hire an SEO Consultant That is Self-Taught?

Hire an SEO Consultant

Are you trying to find a good SEO consultant that is going to take your website to the next level? If you are ready to switch things up and get your site seen on Google, getting a professional onboard can be exactly what you need. We are talking about hiring an SEO consultant.

But, what sort of consultant should you be looking for; should you choose someone that is self-taught? Let’s take a look at what you need to know so that you can make the right decision for your business.

Fresh Out of University vs Self-Taught

There is often the assertion that you have to obtain prestigious degrees and go to university to know about digital marketing and SEO. However, this is not always true. Yes, some people that complete further education and obtain a degree are going to know a lot about search engine optimisation. Yet, when you are fresh out of university, you may know the principles. But, you have never put them into action or learned through experience.

Compare this to someone that is a self-taught SEO consultant. They have learned about search engine optimisation on their own and are now putting their knowledge into practice. As an example, consider Joshua George, the founder of ClickSlice. He is an experienced SEO consultant and you can read his bio on this link. Namely, it outlines how he was able to master SEO within three years by himself and now he owns an award-winning SEO agency as a result of his hard work. So, sometimes it is going to pay to go with someone who is self-taught. They research everything and not just what a university tells them to. This means they know a lot more tricks and secrets when it comes to SEO.

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Self-Taught SEO Consultant?

Are you still undecided whether you want to hire a self-taught SEO consultant? Let’s take a look at what the benefits are when you do.

Shown Dedication

In a world that is obsessed with degrees and higher education, it shows dedication to a learn a skill by yourself without any help. This is something that should be admired. A self-taught SEO consultant has shown dedication to something and stuck at it to make it a career. Not everyone is capable of doing this. It is likely that this same dedication is going to be shown to your website. They know what it takes and will remain focused and determined to help your business.

Has Practical Experience

After someone comes out of university, they might label themselves an SEO consultant and offer their services. While they may be good at what they do, there are a few risks in hiring them. Namely, they are not going to have any practical experience. You could be the first business they have worked with and end up being an trial-and-error project.

So, this is where a self-taught consultant comes in. They are more likely to have experience as they have had to learn as they go. Choosing someone that has been a consultant for at least a few years is going to offer you peace of mind. They have been in the ‘real world’ and know what works in practice. They can bring this experience to the table when they work with your business.

Offers Determination

Let’s not forget that learning about SEO is not easy. There is a lot to cover and Google is constantly making adjustments to its algorithm. It is not a simple task to educate yourself on SEO and if it was, you probably would have done this yourself rather than looking for a consultant.

This is another reason why a self-taught consultant can be the best choice for your business. They have had the determination to learn about SEO by themselves. They made the decision to remain hungry and determined to understand everything there is to know. Sometimes, this can be against the odds.

Keeps Updated

SEO consultants that are self-taught know how to educate themselves on everything they need to know. In particular, they are going to understand the importance of keeping up with changes to Google’s algorithm. They will not rely on any degrees or qualifications they have. Since they are self-taught from the beginning, they will keep on learning themselves and you can enjoy peace of mind and that they know what they are doing when it comes to your website.

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