3 Must-Read Digital Marketing Tips for Hotel Owners

Tips for Hotel Owners

Are you looking for ways to increase guest visits to your hotel?

In an industry with over 91,000 hotels and motels, it can be overwhelming to shake off the competition. What’s more, the COVID-19 pandemic took the hospitality industry to the cleaners, making an already competitive market even more unforgiving, especially to small hotels.

The good bit is we’re rising from the harsh effects of pandemic lockdowns and other restrictions. America is on the move again, which means it’s the best time to invest in an effective digital marketing strategy.

In this guide, we’re sharing digital marketing tips you can use to grow your hotel.

  1. Revamp Your Hotel Website

90 percent of travelers do their research on the web, and over 80 percent make bookings online.

In any business, the rule of thumb is to be where your customers are. Is your hotel online?

You probably have a website for your hotel, but when did you last update it? The website might still be functional, but if it’s been a long while since you added new features or redesigned the theme to make it more attractive, response, and user-friendly, it’s not performing optimally.

Hire a hotel website design and development professional to revamp the site. This will improve its chances of ranking well in search engine results, thus pulling in more organic web traffic.

  1. Implement an SEO Strategy

Speaking of search engine results, there’s a lot that goes into getting a hotel website to rank. Website design is just the start.

You need a comprehensive SEO strategy. Content creation is the cornerstone of any SEO strategy, so ensure you have an active blog alongside your website.

Local SEO should take center stage as well. Claim your Google My Business listing and take advantage of other high-value local citation sites, such as and

If implementing SEO strategies for hotels is starting to sound like rocket science, it’s because it is – at least to SEO rookies. Thankfully, you don’t have to juggle SEO with other hotel management tasks.

You can outsource SEO to an internet marketing company. This website has more information about what you stand to gain.

  1. Kill It on Social Media

If there’s an industry that’s a perfect match for social media, it’s hospitality.

Scroll down any of your social media feeds, and you’ll find lots of travel-related posts. You can use this social media craze to your hotel’s advantage.

First, sign up with the right social medial platforms. For a hotel, Instagram is the go-to, but Facebook, Twitter, and lately, TikTok will deliver awesome results.

Visual content sells on social media. Be ready to take plenty of gorgeous photos showcasing your hotel’s amenities and even local attractions. Optimize the posts for the various social channels you’re on before posting.

Organic social media marketing is the best long-term strategy, but you can supplement it with social media ads (sponsored content) from time to time, especially during peak seasons.

Use These Hotel Digital Marketing Tips

Marketing for hotels used to be easier back in the day when the internet wasn’t a thing. Today, things are a bit more complicated. Marketing your hotel online requires technical expertise.

With these digital marketing tips, though, you’re well-prepared to launch a campaign that will uplift your hotel. Don’t stop here. Keep reading our blog for more marketing advice.

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