Planning a Successful Baby Shower – A Useful Guide

Planning a Successful Baby Shower – A Useful Guide

If you are your partner have just found out you are going to be parents, this is a time for big congrats! It does take some time for it to sink in that you are soon to be responsible for a young and vulnerable human being. Of course, there’s a lot to plan and prepare for, and with that in mind, here is our guide to planning a happy baby shower.

Choosing a date & time

Of course, this would be the first thing on the list; the best time for the baby shower is when the mother is about 7 months into the pregnancy, which gives you time to organise the gift list. Bear in mind that most people work regular office hours; perhaps early Friday evening or Sunday afternoon would be ideal times, discuss it with your partner and come up with a date and time that you think best works for all attendees. Recommend a baby shop in Melbourne that guests can visit to buy gifts.

Creating a guest list

You both need to sit down and each write a list (in order of preference) of all those they would like to invite. Then merge the two lists and discuss until you think you have everyone included. At this stage, you should be looking at invitation designs and making sure all the information is included. A local printer can print the invitations; or you could go digital and email the invitation to all guests; make sure you add RSVP (A reply is required) so that you can plan effectively.

Decide on a budget

The easiest way to calculate a suitable budget is to divide the total cost by the number of guests to find the per-person cost; some would say $50 per head would be more than enough to cover everything. In the event your budget is limited, people will understand and are always happy to contribute if the need be.

Choose a venue

If you want to save money, host the baby shower in your backyard, otherwise a local pub or restaurant would work. There would typically be around 30 people attending, which can be accommodated in the average garden. Either way, you need at least a couple of weeks to arrange everything and make sure that you confirm with vendors and outdoor caterers to eliminate any issues. If your parents are approaching their retirement years, click here for tips.

Menu planning

The best solution is an open-style buffet, your dining room would suffice if you’re hosting the party at home. Do check to see if any of your guests are vegan or vegetarian and make the necessary preparations.

Prepare some entertaining games

A party isn’t a party without a few fun games and here are a few ideas:

  • Guess the number of candies in the jar – Of course, the person who is closest to the real number gets the sweetie jar!
  • Advice notes – This is a great idea, prepare some blank cards and marker pens and ask each guest to give your baby some useful advice. You will get some amazing responses and when baby is older, you can read these to them.

Fun is the name of the game and there’s no reason you can’t have music at the venue, after all, it is a party, is it not?

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