4 Tips for Designing an Eye-Catching Vinyl Signs

Designing an Eye-Catching Vinyl Signs

When you are opening a new business be it for real estate or food, one of the most important things you should prepare is a sign that will be used on your store front. Signs and logos have been playing a vital role in making businesses and shops recognizable to everyone and helping promote them to audiences outside your target.

Vinyl signs are one of the most common types of signs used and for good reason, as they are cheap and eye-catching. Finding good vinyl signs Newcastle for your business is key to succeeding and designing an eye-catching sign.

Having a poorly designed sign will negatively represent your business and can damage your reputation which is why it is important to carefully consider the design that you will be going for. 

If you have been looking to get a vinyl sign for your store but don’t yet have the basic design down in your mind, we have gathered here several tips for making the best eye-catching vinyl signs that you should try out.

Pick Out the Best Font Style and Size

One of the most important things in your signs are the words that will be placed on them. The text that will be placed on a banner plays a key role in enticing potential customers as well as leaving an impression on them.

Before you go choosing the best fonts to use along with their size, it is important to first size up the sign that you will be using. Visualize how big the sign will be and take into consideration your work area. Once you have all those down, you will find it easier to think of the font style and the size of the text. Furthermore, you’ll have an easier time organizing the design so that it won’t be as cluttered and messy which will become distracting instead of impressionable.

Consider Outdoor Lighting

One of the things that many people often overlook when designing their signs is how outdoor lighting greatly affects the sign itself. Outdoor lighting plays a key role in making your sign eye-catching and impressionable as the best signs look the best whether it is in natural or artificial light.

When designing your signs, make design choices that are mindful of how light affects the signage itself. Choose colors or designs that will look good in both instances of light without having to sacrifice clarity and creativity.

Add a Small Message and Information

When a vinyl sign is truly eye-catching, you want to capitalize on this fact and add a few tidbits to the sign that impact your store positively. Leaving a small message such as your store’s slogan will make an even greater impression while also adding information about your business such as the contact details for opportunities to gain a profit.

Make sure that when you are planning to add these things, they don’t greatly contrast the designs. Find a way to naturally add these small tidbits of text and information without ruining the overall impression of the design. One way to do this is to make the text less noticeable than the main text and logo to not distract from it.

Utilize Contrasting and Popping Colors

Colors play an important role in how eye-catching something is, when it comes to colors don’t be afraid to experiment and use different colors and combinations of colors together. Select visually contrasting colors for example to add more pop and energy to your design as it can easily draw in the eyes of any passerby. Conversely, complimenting color makes it more pleasant for the eyes which adds a relaxing effect if your business’ goal is to make a comfy environment.

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