5 Common Car Issues and How to Fix Them


The dreaded warning light has reared its head again on your car’s dashboard, but do you know what to do in response? Maybe it’s saying there’s a problem with your engine or your tires are flat. The problem is that many people have no idea how to deal with the most basic common car issues or even how to tell if they exist.

You don’t need to be an expert to assess your car engine or fix minor problems. At the very least, you should be able to patch a tire before you take your vehicle to the auto shop to make sure it’s properly repaired.

Here are five common car issues and how to deal with them.

1.Decreased Fuel Efficiency

Have you noticed an issue with your vehicle’s fuel efficiency in recent months? There’s a good chance that parts of your system have worn out and will need replacement.

In particular, your fuel injector atomizes and injects the fuel into an internal combustion engine. If this starts to fail, you could lose engine power abruptly and even have fluctuating fuel levels. You can purchase a replacement over at Diesel Logic.

2.Shaking Steering Wheel

A shaky steering wheel could be the result of various other problems, such as a damaged suspension or imbalanced wheels. You’ll need to take your vehicle in for car repair to see what exactly is causing the issue so it doesn’t affect you when you’re on the road.

3.Squeaking Brakes

Squeaking brakes¬†are notably scary to hear when you’re using them. You aren’t quite sure if they’re breaking or if something else is wrong.

Brakes naturally wear down with use, so they’ll need regular maintenance. If your vehicle is newer, then it could be a factory defect that has caused your brakes to wear out faster than they should have.

4.Leaking Radiator

If you notice a puddle forming underneath your car engine, then that may be due to a radiator leak. This can also cause frequent engine overheating as well as a drop in coolant level.

This is likely caused by corrosion. Your auto repair shop will need to replace the whole radiator to prevent overheating.

5.Electrical Problems

Something you’ll likely run into regardless of how well your car functions otherwise is electrical problems. This is most often caused by wiring issues, but it could also be related to your battery’s condition.

New parts like wiring are less expensive and easy to replace. A new car battery will run you at least one hundred dollars for a standard one.

Watch Out for These Common Car Issues

There are a lot of car parts that work together for your vehicle to function well. If one of them starts to malfunction, that could cause a domino effect that puts other areas of your car at risk. It’s important to invest in regular maintenance to avoid these common car issues and keep your ride in its best condition.

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