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5 Mistakes to Avoid with a Kitchen Renovation

5 Mistakes to Avoid with a Kitchen Renovation

Like most other home improvement projects, a kitchen renovation is lined with potential pitfalls; there are some mistakes that you might make without realising it. In this short article, we present some of the common mistakes that homeowners tend to make when they go ahead with a kitchen revamp project.

  1. Starting work with an unfinished plan – It is easy to draw up a rough diagram and get cracking with the work, yet this can lead to an awful situation where you have come to a halt; failure to see the finished kitchen at the outset can lead to issues with appliance placement, to name one example. The order in which you do things is also critical; if you are into DIY, find a YouTube video that covers kitchen renovations.
  2. Failure to set an accurate budget – Without a firm budget in mind, it is easy to end up spending double what you had originally thought. You need to include all costs; hiring a plumber in Preston, for example, might not be on your list of costs, yet you probably will need to call in a plumber. Using Google, you can quickly cost your project or if you are using a contractor, ask them for an all-inclusive price.
  3. Choosing major appliances after the cabinets are installed – The question of dimensions comes into play; that gorgeous oven you love won’t fit with what you have built. Yes, this nightmare often presents itself when the homeowner did not plan the project to completion. Don’t build anything until you are sure that major appliances will fit into the grand scheme of things.
  4. Too narrow aisles – Easy to do, especially if you don’t have a 3D plan; this is one mistake that you’ll have to live with, as it is usually unrealistic to reclaim that valuable space. Draw up a ‘to scale’ floorplan, then you can accurately measure walkways. That is how the professionals do things. If your kitchen is not in need of a revamp, here are a few other home improvements to consider in 2024.
  5. Choosing unsuitable flooring – As nice as solid hardwood is, it isn’t suitable for a wet room; luxury vinyl looks and feels like timber, yet is it 100% waterproof and what’s more, luxury vinyl is much cheaper than hardwood. Stone tiles are great, but not if you don’t like freezing floors in the winter! You could consult with the staff at your nearest flooring showroom, which would avoid this issue.

So, there you have it, a few major errors that you should avoid with your kitchen renovation. It’s all about planning, the all-important preparation that ensures the project comes to a smooth completion and everything fits like a glove. Most homeowners are not up to a DIY installation, so they call in a local kitchen renovation specialist, which ensure the right outcome.


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