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5 Reasons That Lead to Mold Arising During Summer

5 Reasons That Lead to Mold Arising During Summer

Mold grows with ease if it finds conditions that are favorable for it to thrive. However, why does it arise during the summer? The growth of these molds during different climates and seasons also depends on the location. During summer, the likelihood of mold growth is more rampant due to the summer rains and warm temperatures.

Because of the temperature variation, there are high levels of humidity and heat on sunny days. Thus, contact a mold inspection New York Company as rapid growing molds lead to the destruction of your property and also has a significant threat to your family’s health. Below are 5 reasons that lead to mold arising during the summer.

  • The ideal temperature for growth

Spores of molds grow so well and rapidly during summer since, during that season, the conditions are favorable for their existence and growth. The spores of mold can be easily carried away by mild wind or even the cool evening breeze since the spores are very microscopic and too light.

Mold spores move from one place to another as they search for organic materials such as cardboard, wood, paper, and more. The migration activity helps the mold spores since they require a source of food to grow. Molds grow in both darkness and daylight but do significantly good in dark places so that they can give rise to spores.

Mold Arising During Summer

  • Poor ventilation

Homes with poor ventilation cause the occurrence of stagnant moist air in the house. Mold spores will find their way in and probably will not find their way out of the house since there is no free air circulation in the house. When inside the house, they are easily fed and attach themselves to organic materials where they grow on.

Hot temperatures that are outside will also favor the growth of mold. Dump items in your room will also make a suitable home for the growth of mold. It is good to keep on cleaning your room regularly and avoiding any dump items. Allow free air circulation in your home during summer by opening your windows to prevent mold threat since it takes very few days for molds to grow and increase in numbers.

  • High levels of humidity

During summer, it is the perfect season in which molds grow well because of high humidity levels. This state gets more intense with the presence of poor ventilation that obstructs the free flow of air in the house. The high temperatures outside and low temperatures inside the house cause condensation around the insulating materials and window sills. Such areas need regular cleaning to stop mold growth.

Houses with air conditioning need to extract and drain the water from the air conditioning. Nonetheless, old or poorly kept AC units may lead to leakages in crawl spaces and basements hence generating a suitable environment for mold to grow. Thus, to prevent mold from growing during summer, it is good to ensure that all window sealing is in good condition and the air conditioning units are working well.

  • Water spillages and leaks

In case you are experiencing a rainy summer, it is good to watch out for signs of any leakage in your attic and roof. Some visible signs of water leakages are water patches or discolored spots on the ceiling. It is good to ensure the roof ceiling is in good condition and repaired soon.

Though you cannot see water coming through the roof ceiling, this helps prevent mold growth. Always close your windows when it is raining to avoid water from entering the house. In case of any spillages either on the carpet or any other house surface, it is good to dry out the spillage immediately it occurs.

  • A lot of moisture

Other many different factors can lead to too much moisture during summer. Condensation occurs in the attic areas, within insulation materials, and other surfaces that can catch wetness.

Dried or dead leaves on the roof gutters trap too much moisture between the growing molds and the roof gutters. Clear the dead leaves from your roof gutters and clean your compound. In this way, mold will not find its way into the house. Use good quality of roofing construction materials on the roofing to avoid trapping of moisture.

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