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6 Easy Ways to Clean Your Wool Rug at Home

Clean Your Wool Rug

A wool rug can add the much-needed finishing touch to your home décor. It feels warm under feet, gives off a cosy vibe, and creates a welcoming atmosphere.

But …

If your precious wool rug is dirty, stained, or smells bad, it can ruin the entire décor.

Wondering how keep clean that Caucasian handmade rug you just bought on sale?

We’ve got some easy, quick, and simple tricks that could be used to clean and maintain any type of handmade wool rug at home!

Tip 1: Get Rid of the Dirt

You’ve got guests coming over and don’t have time to clean the rug? Or you haven’t bought a vacuum cleaner yet?

In any case, if excessive dirt is the problem, don’t worry, because you can easily shake it out of your rug.

Take the Caucasian rug, Gabbeh handmade rug, or any other wool rug you have outdoors and give it a good shake.

You can also use a broomstick to beat the dust and dirt out of your carpet. For this hang the rug on a wall and beat it with a broom. If the rug is small in size, you can also hold it with one hand and beat with the other.

This one’s the most quick and easy method of getting the dirt out and can be really effective, especially if the area rug isn’t too big.

Tip 2: Use a Vacuum Cleaner

When you buy an expensive rug, you have to invest in a good vacuum cleaner as well.

Expert recommendation is to vacuum clean a wool rug at least 2-3 times per week.

Handmade wool rugs are highly durable and following this rug maintenance technique would ensure that your rug stays in a good shape for years on end.

Vacuum cleaning the rug from both sides would also help remove all the dust, dirt, and any other small particles on your rug.

However, don’t forget to check that the vacuum cleaner has soft bristles and is at the appropriate setting for your rug so that the fibres don’t get damaged.

Tip 3: Try Treating Stains ASAP

When you have an area rug covering a large portion of your living room floor, stains are bound to happen. Treating them immediately and in the right manner can immensely reduce the risk of your rug getting permanently damaged.

In case of spills and drops, get in action right away. If it’s something like tea, juice, or wine, grab some paper towels and soak up the excess liquid. Afterwards, use a rug shampoo or detergent to gently clean the stain.

For dropped solid items, such as food, scoop it up and follow the same method.

Remember, you’re not supposed to rub the stained spot, EVER. Doing so can cause the stain to spread further and become even harder to clean.

Tip 4: Take Care of Those Pet Hair

Whether you’re a cat person or a dog lover, pet hair can sometimes be a nuisance.

Even though they don’t damage the rug fibres, pet hair can cause your Caucasian rug, or any other wool rug to appear old and dirty.

How to remove them? That’s what we’re here to talk about!

One way is to get a pair of rubber gloves, wear them, and rub the surface of your rug gently. This would remove all the pet hair by making them stick to the gloves.

Other than that, you can also use a brush to remove the hair. But do make sure that the bristles are soft and won’t damage your rug.

Tip 5: Baking Soda is a Natural Rug Deodorizer

Does your rug stink?

That can be embarrassing when you have guests coming over.

Bad smell can occur due to leaving your rug wet or moist. To make your rug smell fresh again, follow these steps:

  • Sprinkle baking soda all over the rug surface
  • Let it sit for some hours or overnight
  • Vacuum clean the rug

You can also buy an artificial rug deodorizer from the supermarket and use it to kill the odour as well as the germs causing it.

And, next time, do not leave your rug wet, because if not dried properly and on time, a wool carpet can start building mould and there’s no DIY trick for getting rid of that.

Tip 6: Prevention is Always Better Than Cure

Lastly, to make your valuable wool rug retain its original shape for a long time period, keep it out of:

  • Direct sunlight
  • Places that receive too much foot traffic
  • Places where there are higher chances of stains and spills (dining room, kitchen, etc.)
  • Wet places

Also, don’t place an expensive wool rug in an outdoor seating area where it can get rained on, accumulate excessive dirt, or have its colours faded as a result of receiving direct sunlight.

Want your rug to last long?

Follow the cleaning tips above and avoid unnecessary damage or wear and tear caused by dirt, dust, and moisture.

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