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5 Reasons to Add a Copper Fire Pit To Your Backyard

Copper Fire Pit To Your Backyard

A copper fire pit makes an excellent focal point in your outdoor living space. With today’s advanced technologies and innovative design, fire pits have become more than just a place to get warm during the winter months. Premium quality copper fire pits, like those at Custom Fire Pits, provide beautiful ambience, safety features and durability that you can’t find anywhere else.

Here are five reasons why you should add one to your backyard.

1) Fire Pits are a Great Investment

Fire pits are a great source of warmth and ambience, and they also allow people to socialize in the evenings with friends and family. Premium quality copper fire pits last a lifetime, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing one every few years. The copper material is extremely durable and will not change color over time like other metals.

Copper fire pits can be purchased in various shapes and sizes, which has made them very popular in recent years. They come in many styles, such as cone-shaped or round – it’s all up to what you prefer! A premium quality copper fire pit from CopperSmith won’t cost more than $1500 (sometimes less!), which is comparable to other brands on the market. They are always happy to answer any questions you may have before purchasing!

2) Durable And Long Lasting

One of the reasons why copper is such a popular metal choice for fire pits is because it is an incredibly durable metal. It can withstand high temperatures and weather conditions without rusting or corroding. This means that your copper fire pit will last for many years, making it a great investment for your home. This makes cleaning up after use very easy as there are no worries about water ruining the material. And when you do need to clean up, all you need is some mild soap and water. If you have pets in your household or children who love spending time outside, this is also a great option because they are completely safe from harm thanks to their non-toxic properties. A bonus with copper fire pits as well, unlike other materials like iron which tend to crack under intense heat exposure, it maintains its integrity with little change in appearance over time, even at prolonged use levels

3) Best in Class Designs

CopperSmith fire pits are the best in class when it comes to design. Their products are handmade from premium quality materials, so you know you’re getting a product that will last. You can bring a cozy atmosphere to  your backyard with a copper fire pit by sitting around it while enjoying good company or reading an engaging book.

The experience becomes even more memorable in the wintertime. CopperSmith fires also add warmth to your outdoor areas- literally- which means it can also reduce energy costs during colder months by providing supplemental heat if needed.

4) Easily Maintained

Maintenance of your copper fire pit is relatively easy. After using the unit, always allow it to cool down and ensure you’ve doused any hot coals with water before leaving it unattended. You can also use an ash vacuum cleaner or outdoor hose to remove leftover ashes, soot, and clinkers. A little maintenance goes a long way to maintain your copper fire pit.

5) Reduce The Cost Of Operating Propane and Natural Gas Heaters

Reducing the cost of operating propane and natural gas heaters will also help your household budget. Low-grade, low-quality fire pits may not have the same life expectancy and are less durable. The goal is for you to get great value for your money. You’ll need premium quality copper fire pits that will be long-lasting and last through many years of use without degrading or corroding.

Experienced companies likeCopperSmith have been manufacturing fire pits and other copper products in America since 1905. They make all their items from 100% pure copper, which is why they last for years and years to come. Moreover, Copper is a more durable material than others like wood and brick that tend to break down in the elements.


A quality copper fire pit in your backyard is the perfect way to enjoy the cool evenings outdoors with friends and family. Not only does it provide excellent heat for guests and homeowners, but it also adds style and elegance that any other type of fireplace can’t match. So if you’re considering adding one in your backyard, we highly recommend doing so because it will make your evenings much more enjoyable.

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