What Gemstone Should You Pick for This Summer?

What Gemstone Should You Pick for This Summer

Summer brings many things everyone wants to enjoy: sunny days, warmer nights, trips to the beach, vibrant parties, and at least one cool dip in the pool.

Most people spend the whole year preparing to welcome this season. Many exercise to have a slim beach body, some plan fun events, and others search for the best clothes or jewelry to wear.

Are you in the last group? You’ve come to the right place! Here, you can find recommendations on the best gemstones you can pick this summer.

If you want to wear dazzling gemstones while enjoying the most glorious sunny period, check out the list below!

Orange Sapphire

The sapphire family has a fascinating orange member for summer. This gemstone resembles the warmth and beauty of the sun, making it an ideal choice for the hot season.

Thanks to its vibrant orange hue, this gemstone goes perfectly with summer garments and adds a pop of color to seasonal outfits.

Orange sapphire properties also go well with summer, as this gemstone helps people when they’re running low by bringing motivation, joy, and friendship.


Staying true to its name, shimmering aquamarine sparkles like the blue sea and encapsulates clear summer skies.

This gemstone exudes a cool, distinctive sparkle that makes aquamarine jewelry the perfect choice to wear during this warm season.

Furthermore, among several properties, aquamarine calms the mind and reduces stress. That’s exactly what most people want to do during the summer.


The peridot is a precious and charismatic gemstone that attracts all eyes thanks to its beautiful green color and summer vibes.

Because it’s light and fresh, peridot jewelry goes well with almost any summer outfit. It’s a safe bet to combine bright pastel garments.

This gemstone also conveys lightness, tranquility, and the summer’s characteristic informality in combination with more saturated tones such as deep emerald or crimson ruby.

In addition to being a gemstone known for its summer spirit, peridot is the birthstone of August. It also brings peace, good health, and restful sleep for those who want to recharge their batteries during the season.


It’s another gemstone in orange tones that transmits the purest energy of the sun. Citrine is one of the most popular gemstones to wear during the summer due to its bright appearance and energetic properties.

With its warm amber hue, it fits perfectly with the season’s mood and gives looks a summery feel.

Among multiple properties, citrine increases optimism, cleanses the aura, and boosts sunny cheerfulness. It is also an excellent gemstone for those who want to attract enthusiasm and prosperity.


There’s no summer without sunny days and warm air circulating everywhere. Therefore, one gem you should consider is sunstone.

Sunstones are orange and red, and often featuring sparkly inclusions. Additionally, these radiant gems have been associated with the Egyptian sun god Ra and the ancient Greek sun god throughout the ages.

Sunstone relieves stress, increases vitality, and allows your real soul to shine through happiness.


While this gem comes in a wide variety of colors, violet and purple hues are the most sought after. The spinel has roots in royalty and conveys a rock star vibe perfect for anyone who loves summer parties.

It’s also one of the three August birthstones and has several properties. The spinel is often associated with the root Chakra and increases physical energy and stamina, boosting summer vibes.

Final Thoughts

In an ocean of gemstones, choosing the best ones for summer can take some time. However, you can consider their properties, vibes, colors, and what they convey to pick the perfect one!

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