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5 Tips for Decorating Build to Rent Properties to Attract Quality Tenants


If you’re in the business of short- or long-term rentals of hotel rooms or build to rent schemes, attracting quality tenants is a must for sustainability. How do you impress though? Creating a homely or residential feel makes short-or long-term tenants feel welcome, comfortable and proud of their living space. Renters are more likely to make an offer when the living space is neat and vibrant.

Using well-designed furniture that’s hard-wearing but comfy and attractive is a wonderful drawcard for renters looking for a home-away-from-home atmosphere. Working with professional hotel furniture suppliers is a good place to start. What else can you do to create a welcoming ambience in your rental space? Read on for more ideas!

5 Tips for Decorating Build to Rent Properties to Attract Quality Tenants

1. Focus on Quality Furnishings

If you’re offering furnished rental properties, the key focus should be on quality furnishings. Deciding what furniture you need depends on your target market. Do you want to attract young families, professionals or senior citizens?

Your budget will also have an impact on what you can afford and how many pieces you can include in the rental space.

Renters will expect a bed, wardrobe, sofa, table and chairs. If storage space is limited you could include a chest of drawers while a desk and coffee table could be great add-ons.

You don’t have to go overboard on aspects like décor but if you want to attract the right tenant, you need to offer quality furniture that’s cosy, durable and useful.

2. Provide Sufficient Storage Space

If your tenant is looking for a long-term lease and intends to bring some of their personal belongings with them, you’ll need to provide sufficient storage space. When the property has built-in cupboards they may be adequate. However, you can get creative with other storage solutions:

  • Storage bench:Instead of crowding a small living space with individual chairs, use a storage bench for seating at the dining table.
  • Ottomans:Sturdy ottomans that offer storage space beneath the lid can act as seating at the end of the bed or in the living room.
  • Built-in bed drawers:Create more storage space under the bed by using built-in drawers that roll in and out whenever needed.

Providing storage space could be the deal-breaker for a long-term tenant comparing similar rental properties in your area. Maximising on storage features that have a dual purpose could also save you some money when picking out furniture.

3. Use Energy-Efficient Light Fixtures and Window Treatments

Keeping your energy costs down is vital and installing energy-efficient lighting and window treatments can cut down your tenants’ monthly electricity bills. LED lighting fixtures that are attractive but functional create a welcoming atmosphere as do modern window blinds or drapes. But, keep it simple with stylish features that won’t break the bank!

Blinds and curtains should be neutral, simple to operate and easy to clean. Investing in quality interior window treatments means you don’t need to keep replacing them after each tenant.

If you’re renting to young families, ensure the blinds are made with sturdy material that can handle rowdy treatment from youngsters!

4. Keep It Simple With Decorative Pieces

Residential decorative pieces are what make a place feel homely but keep it simple. Every tenant will have a unique taste in decorative items and it’s not always going to be possible to meet everyone’s expectations! Keeping decorative pieces neutral and down to the minimum is recommended here.

Hanging a large mirror works well for small living spaces and some wall art could make the rental space feel more welcoming. However, especially for long-term rentals, your tenant may request to hang their own wall art collection so don’t bend over backward to spend more than necessary on decor.

5. Create a Presentable Outside Area

If your build to rent property has a garden, balcony or patio, making it presentable will attract quality tenants who appreciate time in the outdoors. Keeping the garden tidy with evergreen healthy plants is a major drawcard as is a balcony or patio with attractive and functional furnishings.

Clearing out weeds, tidying up flower beds and mowing the lawn before a viewing makes a world of difference when looking for the right tenant for your property. Also, putting comfortable all-weather outdoor furniture on your hotel room balcony creates the perfect first impression for short-or long-term rentals.

Final Thoughts

Renting out furnished built-to-rent property or hotel rooms for long leases requires ensuring your tenant is comfortable and happy. Creating a homely atmosphere will attract the right kind of tenant but you want to avoid going overboard when decorating your rental. Tenants expect certain amenities but you’re not expected to provide the latest in wall art!

With over 32% of Australia’s households renting, getting the best tenants depends a lot on first impressions. Using build to rent furniture that’s durable, functional and comfortable gives you long-lasting value that can be tailored to suit the aesthetics of your rental property in Australia.

With attractive furnishings, tasteful lighting fixtures and window treatments and a presentable garden, your rental property will stand out against the competition, securing you the best quality tenants.

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