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6 Best Ways to Get Free PSN Codes

Free PSN Codes

Who does not love gifts or cards either from your friend or relatives? You may spend a lot of your time searching on the internet to get a free PSN code, and I got your back.

PSN codes are just a branded name for gift cards, preferably provided by Sony play station. The following are the most reliable and convenient websites to heal your heart, sites include,

As the name suggests, the site allows users to undertake some activities such as surveys in which clients will take some site offers like free Amazon gift cards and some pay pal cash. The above features decorate the site uniqueness; therefore, it is mostly trusted by many users.

Get Free PSN Codes

  • Free PSN Code Giveaway site

Next on our list, the channel is one of the best sites where users get gifts and cards regularly. The most important to do on the site is merely visiting their channel. You’re yourself a favor by subscribing to their channel, following, and not forgetting to put a thumbs up and comment on their posts. During the time for the promotion, you will be gifted with free PSN codes.

As the saying goes,’ never settle for less ‘if you would like to win more code, it is advisable to regularly visit their you tube channel and participate in giving ways offered by the website.

During special occasions like the famous one black Friday and the new year, they also have provided their users. However, gifts are limited to a few people, so not everybody who always gets the free codes, therefore, it’s still essential to the wise to follow the right steps given, and it will be a sure bet you will win the contest

  • Exchanging Codes on Online Platforms

The next is exchanging codes on online platforms. You can acquire a PSN code through online exchange platforms or community websites.

All these sites perform similar factions of exchange. People can get items from friends or relatives, which they may not need. Similarly, you can receive rewards such as gift cards, game codes, and even usernames that they may not use. Therefore, they opt to post them on the exchange platforms, and you can ask someone to exchange the free PSN Codes with either a good Amazon or iTunes gifts.

  • Swag bucks and My points

The most exciting aspect of the above site is that you have to undertake some tasks, including surveys, watching videos, or playing some simple games using the web. The cofactor to perform all the activities is to enable you to get free PSN codes points, which are redeemable to more PSN codes.

You can also earn more points through referral links by sending it to your friends or family members. The most important is that you do not need to provide your payment details contrary to some other sites. Therefore, the sites are among the most genuine ones.

  • Trading Codes or Barter System

The next on our list is the barter system, and the technique involves the exchange of goods and goods. Therefore, you can receive a PSN code, graduation gift, or win it, and unfortunately, you realize you do not need it anymore.

The only option left on your hands is to exchange with something else. Once the code has been purchased cannot be retrieved. Therefore, the user is required to resell it online. In that case, you will be needed to find someone with a code to post it through Reddit or eBay websites, of which you may face some charges.

  • Use PlayStation Plus 14 Day Free Trial

Next in the errand is the use of 14 free trial methods. At first, you must visit the play station page and sign up for PSN code, a subscription process. The subscription will enable you to access the services for 14 days with some benefits included.

However, the site requires you to provide your credit card details that are not safe despite being the best reliable method to get PSN codes in 2020. The last but not the list is that you must close the services when the 14 day period is over; otherwise, your card will be credited for the services overspend.

Do PSN Code Generators Work?

On many occasions, we do advise our readers that you should not fall victim to PSN generator websites. Most of them are not trustworthy and are a waste of time. Even though you need the codes, try these legitimate ways we have outlined in this guide. By following them, you will get the PSN codes on merit.


From the above points, I hope your thirst for getting the best PSN codes has been quenched, visit any of the websites, and enjoy the services.  Thanks so much for taking the time to read this guide. Suppose you get any issues with earning legit PSN codes. Leave a comment, and we will gladly assist you.

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