Nicky Jam’s Net Worth, How Much Nicky Jam Worth?

Nicky Jam’s Net Worth

Nick Rivera Caminero popularly known as Nicky Jam hails from Massachusetts and is a renowned singer and lyricist. He is the most copious artist around the world is known for his Latin and reggaeton style. A billboard award winner who has contributed his prolific works like El Perdon, X, Travesuras to the music industry.

Nicky Jam being from a humble background has won top awards like Latin Grammy Awards, Billboard Latin Music Awards, and many more. Let’s have a look at Nicky Jam’s Net worth as of 2020. Here we are providing you the relevant details about Nick’s net worth.


Celebrity Name – Nicky Jam
Full Name – Nick Rivera Caminero
Gender – Male
Birthday – March 17, 1981
Place of Origin – Lawrence, Massachusetts, U.S.
Age – 39 years
Height -1.75m
Weight – 80 kg
Nationality – American
Status – Divorced
Wife – Angelica Cruz
Profession – Singer and songwriter
Nick’s Total Net Worth – $8 Million


Nick Jam was born to a Dominican mother and Puerto Rican mother on March 17, 1981, in Lawrence, Massachusetts, U.S. Nick’s exposure to multiple cultures from childhood was something that ignited the fire of music in him.

Moving from the suburbs of San Jaun to Puerto Rico, the challenges went like learning Spanish, making new friends in a new neighborhood. Although financially not very sound, Nick Jam was the only minor to support his family. Being a middle schooler, Nick took a musical career due to the culture shock he used to face in his early life.

How Much Nicky Jam Worth


Nicky Jam got married to  Angelica Cruz who was his girlfriend and is a father of four children

Yarimar (born 2002)
Alissa (born 2002)
Joe (born 2005)
Luciana (born 2012)

In August 2018, both of them decided to stop the journey and filed for divorce. On 14th Feb, 2020, Nicky Jam betrothed to Cydney Moreau, who is a model.


Nicky worked at a discount grocery store and one day he was invited by a customer to record with a local indie label.

Distinto A Los Demas was the first debut album in 1994 at the age of fourteen. During this journey towards music.

During the launch of the album, Nick used to do many DJ shows and one day a passerby jokingly called him Nicky Jam after which he got his stage name. He also experienced heartbreak and started doing drugs at the age of fifteen.

During the 1990’s Nicky got an offer from Daddy Yankee and he worked as a hype man in his concert. After this concert, Daddy Yankee and Nicky Jam formed some awesome recordings like  Los Cangries, En la Cama, and Guayando.

In 2004, they got separated because of the drug addiction of Nicky Jam.

However, at the end of 2004, Nicky became a hit in the urban genre releasing songs like I’m dying and Chambonea. After this year Nicky Jam fell into depression due to his excessive addictions and remained silent for three years.

In December 2007, Nicky re-started his career and released his album The Black Carpet and reached position 24 of the Top Latin Album of United States.

As the time went by, Nicky started taking overdose of drugs which resulted in some serious health issues and therefore he had to abandon himself from taking drugs any further.

During his endeavor to quit drugs, Nicky met Daddy Yankee on a flight in the year 2014 and apologized for the past and they agreed to collaborate again.

Nicky won the Warrior Spirit Award for his musical resilience in the year 2015.

Hast el Amanecer was the first song by Nicky Jam to reach one billion views on Youtube and it was released in the year 2016. Nicky won Billboard Award for music for the top Latin song for this song.

In January 2017, Fenix was released and the album was nominated for Latin Grammy Award for Album of the year. The song El Amante reached number two on the Billboard Hot Latin Song chart.

During 2018, Nicky collaborated with J Balvin and the song reached number 41 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Nicky Jam also appeared on the Netflix biographical series Nicky Jam: El Ganador where Nicky’s struggles with drug addiction and his rise to international success are exhibited.

Nicky Jam released the Album Intimo through Apple Music in October 2019. Nick also appeared on Bad Bunny’s album- Lsque no iban a salir in May 2020.


Nicky won the hearts of millions with his prolific releases and became an international success. We present you a series of prestigious awards won by Nicky Jam here.


2015 El Perdon ft. Enrique Iglesias Best Urban Performance


2015 Himself Latin Rhythm Songs Artist of the year
2016 El Perdon Hot Latin Song of the Year

Latin Rhythm Song of the Year

Airplay Song of the year.

Streaming song of the year.

Hot Latin Song of the Year.

Digital Song of the Year.

2017 Himself Hot Latin Song of the year, Male

Latin Rhythm Songs Artist of the Year, Solo

Hot Latin Song of the Year

2018 El Amante Latin Rhythm Song of the Year
2019 X Latin Rhythm Song of the Year


2015 El Perdon ft. Enrique Iglesias Song of the year

Favourite Collaboration

Favourite Streaming Song


2019 Himself Urban Award



2016 El Perdon ft Enrique Iglesias Latin song of the year

Nicky Jam Total Net Worth

Nicky Jam has toiled enough to gain a net worth of $8 millions as on 2020.

With his positive attitude and resilience, Nicky Jam, the most popular reggaeton possesses worth more than monetary fame.

Some of his popular songs include: I am going to party (2003), Until dawn (2016), Beautiful and sensual (2017) and the list goes on.

His popular albums include Different from others (1994), Haciendo escante (2001), Hall of fame (2003), Lifetime (2004), Phoenix (2017), and Fenix (2017).

After winning over his drug addiction he has successfully delivered his dedication to music and is an epitome of success.

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