7 Signs of Common Electrical Wiring Problems

electrical wiring problems

Every house owner can face electrical wiring problems from time to time. Only those who have practical skills and deep expertise in electricity issues should deal with different types of domestic electrical wiring.

Therefore, if you are not in the club of electricity-nerds, delegate the work to professionals. You can find them on numerous websites like

Before ordering help, you need to identify that you need it. Get acquainted with these seven basic electrical problems

  • Too Many Extension Cords Use at One Time

This is problematic and even dangerous. The reason is a long design. It makes the cords susceptible to kinks. This, in its turn, can lead to shortages with some of the wires. Moreover, kinks may cause outlet damage and even result in fires. If you can’t limit the number of cords used simultaneously, consider installing extra outlets.

  • Electrical Sparking

Electrical sparking is really scary. Even if it doesn’t take place often, you still should have all your electrical components inspected. The reason for sparking may be incorrect electrical wiring within the interior walls. However, it may be caused by the appliance itself, as well.

  • Flickering Lights

Flickering lights usually occur if one of your major appliances use up too much energy (or electricity). Typically, it’s the appliances that either heat or cool.

A licensed electrician is going to test the electrical wiring in your home and offers an optimization plan to balance the load. Besides this, he may merely install new lines for the major appliances.

Flickering Lights

  • Hot Outlets

Hot outlets are always a sign of incorrect electrical wiring. The only minus here is that there can be a thousand reasons. For example:

      • Too many plugged-in appliances
      • Faulty wiring inside the walls due to improper configuration
      • Too much demand on the circuit
      • A faulty outlet.
  • Continuous Buzzing

Constant bussing noises – for example, when you turn the light on or use electric appliances – sign an electrical wiring problem. You should contact the licensed electrician as soon as you notice the problem. It’s essential to run the diagnostics in order to determine the source of the noise.

  • No GFCI Outlets Present

Older homes usually don’t have GFCI outlets. This poses a significant danger. For instance, bathrooms and kitchens should be equipped with special outlets that handle wet environments well. Standard ones aren’t suitable. Moreover, GFCI outlets detect abnormal flows of current and shut off once they are spotted, while standard ones don’t boast such a feature. 

  • Odd Odors or Burning Smell

It’s only obvious that the smell of burning is a definite sign that something is wrong. Odd odors at the point of outlets indicate the same. There is no need to wait. It’s crucial to have an electrical wiring problem solved immediately.

These tips are pretty simple. The ultimate rule is to contact a licensed specialist to fix the problem as soon as it’s spotted. Have you ever faced an incorrect electrical wiring problem?

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