IT Chapter 3: Is It Still Happening? Cast, Plot, Launch Date, and Latest Updates


Are you a fan of horror movies? If so, ‘IT’ may be one of your all-time favorite films – and for a good reason.

The IT movies – both old and new – embraced the true meaning of supernatural horror drama and have captured the attention and curiosity of viewers. It became an instant hit, which is also why the fans are wondering if ‘IT: Chapter 3’ is happening.

You might be one of those who rushed straight to the theaters during the first two films’ release. Who can blame you anyway? The ‘IT’ movies are just that good and worth it.

As you might have heard around the online space, there are growing speculations regarding a third installment of the hit horror movie series. If you want to know whether these rumors are true, this article will tell you everything. We’ve got all the updates, news, and other goodies that you need to know about ‘IT: Chapter 3.’ To start, let’s go over the synopsis of ‘IT.’

IT: Synopsis

‘IT’ chapters one and two are both inspired by the 1986 hit novel of the same name. Written by renowned American author of horror, Stephen King, it was later adapted into the big screen. Directed by Andy Muschietti, the first two chapters were a resounding hit on the big screen.

The movie was produced by production houses Vertigo Entertainment, Katz Smith Production, and New Line Cinema. Warner Brothers (WB) is a distributed owner of the film and all of its sequels.

IT’s first two chapters are well-known as one of the most successful horror films in history. In fact, both movies would combine to make a gross total of $1.1 billion.

These milestones are enough for producers Dan Lin and Roy Lee to consider investing in a third sequel, ‘IT: Chapter 3.’ The next sections will disclose some specific details regarding Chapter 3. So if you’re an IT fan, here is some vital information that you should know.

IT: Chapter 3: Cast

Who will appear in the upcoming third installment of the hit horror film series? Numerous names were mentioned that might make an appearance. However, no announcements have been made regarding the full cast.

If we can recall, Chapter 2 marked the end of the Losers arc. It was the moment where they all parted ways for good. From that information, we can speculate that none of them will be reprising their roles in Chapter 3. Unfortunately, the speculation ends there. With no updates from the staff and crew, we can’t guarantee who will be on the movie once it gets released. 

Probably the only one we can expect to reprise his role in the upcoming ‘IT: Chapter 3’ is Bill Skarsgard. He played the role of Pennywise, the main antagonist. Pennywise is a demonic figure that usually takes up the form of a scary clown.

Since the only sure character that will make a return is Pennywise himself, it’s safe to assume that Skarsgard will be that guy. Again, there’s still no confirmation regarding the storyline. So determining the star cast is still up in the air.

IT: Chapter 3: New Cast Members

Some rumors have started swirling about ‘IT: Chapter 3’ not happening. If that’s the case, then there’s no point assuming that any of the previous cast members will make a return. The third installment may look in a different direction in terms of storyline.

So there might be new faces who will continue the successful run of the first two chapters. With no new updates on casting, the only thing we can do is speculate and hope our predictions are correct. 

The only cast member that has the possibility of reprising his role is Bill Skarsgard. He is the ideal actor to play Pennywise. It would also be hard for the studio to find another one who will take up the role of a scary clown.

The man takes his craft seriously. There was even a scene in the second movie where he wasn’t dressed as a clown. However, he still scared a lot of people just through the intensity of his act. 

If the moviemakers decide to pull the trigger on a third movie, they should hold on to Skarsgard as he is already the perfect match to play Pennywise. 

IT: Chapter 3 Plot & Storyline

The film’s entire plot revolves around the horrifying scenes happening in the small town of Derry. Pennywise, the dancing clown, terrorizes the townspeople by letting their fears eat them alive. Most of the time, his victims are children. However, that changes when he meets the Losers. 

The group of misfits band together to stop the evil entity from consuming their hometown.  In chapter 2, they return as adults 27 years later to defeat Pennywise one more time before finally parting ways.

We can expect ‘IT: Chapter 3’ following the same plot as the first two movies. However, we might be seeing a different group of kids and adults who will take on Pennywise this time around.

Predicting the third installment of ‘IT’ is quite challenging as the previous chapters seem to have wrapped up the entire story. ‘IT: Chapter 2’ ended with Pennywise gone for good.

That means there will be no more story to cover in that arc. However, a third sequel is still a possibility, at least that’s according to Andy Muschietti.

The ‘IT’ director once stated that Chapter 3 would start filming soon. He also stated that the third movie will have a different yet more terrifying storyline. Some speculation even suggests that Chapter 3 might be a prequel that explores Penywise’s past.

IT: Chapter 3: Release Date

Andy Muschietti and company haven’t announced any official release date for ‘IT: Chapter 3.’

Since there is no official news about Chapter 3, we might have to wait a bit more before getting some actual updates on when the film will be released. For now, stay tuned for more ‘IT: Chapter 3’ updates in the coming months.

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