9 Fashion Trends You Need To Follow

Fashion Trends

We know that fashion trends tend to evolve way too quickly, and it may be difficult to keep track of them to stay up to date. What’s more, it may be a little pricey to always opt for what is in vogue since there are only so many trends you will be able to follow through. 

This is why we have done the hard work for you and sifted through to compile the top trends that are currently the talk of the town. By reading this list, you can easily figure out what kind of trends you want to follow and where you want to invest when shopping for new clothes. 

9 Fashion Trends You Need To Follow

Amp Up Your Tee Game

If there is one trend that will remain a cult favorite for all times to come, it’s the good old denim and a graphic tee. This is a timeless statement that looks both stylish and effortless, and when done right, will definitely make heads turn.

One way to up your t-shirt game is by personalizing your wardrobe and adding your own aesthetic. You can do this by opting for tees that have your favorite pop band or even something you firmly believe in, such as Christian shirts that spread positive affirmations. This is a great way to reinvent the classic denim and t-shirt style with your own twist. 

If you want to make it a little more formal, pop a structured blazer, put on some boots, and grab your most loved crossbody bag for a high street fashion look. 

It’s All About The Sleeves

If there is one way to catch someone’s attention, it’s by wearing a blouse or shirt with distinct sleeves. In this regard, puff sleeves are the trend that you need to follow! 

Whether it’s a poplin blouse or a linen dress, the oversized puff sleeves have become associated with a bold look since their inception in 2018. It has been reimagined in countless ways in different kinds of fabrics, patterns, and textures by all the top designers in the fashion world. It has become increasingly popular and has trickled down to the fast fashion retail outlets as well which means you shouldn’t have any trouble getting your hands on a few of these beauties if you are on a budget!

Earthy Tones Is Where It’s All At

While neutral colors such as white, black, and taupe have long dominated the runaway, designers are moving towards earthy tones such as burnt orange, grassy green, yellow mustard, and dark browns. 

One great way to incorporate this color palette into your wardrobe is by strategically investing in some key pieces that are versatile enough to pair with your current collection. For example, opt for espresso-colored pants, a rust-colored silk blouse, an emerald green dress, or a long mustard statement coat. You will soon find that these pieces can easily adapt with your existing wardrobe to help create new and exciting outfits that will keep you current and on-trend. 

Heard Of The Shacket?

Shackets are outerwear that is a mix of jackets and shirts. They have recently started to gain momentum as the fashion world has found numerous ways to make them trendy, stylish, and chic.

They are pretty great when it comes to layering your outfit and adding more depth and character. Plus, the material is usually thinner than wool but thicker than the average shirt, which makes them a solid choice for autumn, spring, and cool summer days. 

You can wear them over a dress, jeans, or even turtleneck sweaters. They look quite sleek and sophisticated and provide an effortlessly cool look. 

Checks With A Pop Of Color

The famous checkered pattern has been reimagined from its traditional tones to give us some gorgeous pastels. Whether you are looking to opt for check patterned pants in a classic light green and white color, or an elegant purple and white check dress, you are sure to make a funky fashion statement. 

When opting for colorful checks, make sure that you go for muted shoes and accessories so that they don’t overpower your ensemble. 

The Structured Coat To Rule Them All

If there is one thing that can give you the million-dollar look, it is a long structured coat in a neutral color. This is a beloved Instagram-worthy trend that has been spotted on influencers and celebrities alike. 

While a coat is a pretty expensive investment that will require a couple of months of saving, you can easily spot some top-quality coats in fast fashion retail outlets. 

Fluorescent Colors Are All You Need

While monochrome and neutral are going nowhere, the other end of the spectrum has been experimenting with some uber chic fluorescent colors such as hot pink, sunshine yellow, orange, neon green, and electric blue. 

This is a great way to add a little life to your wardrobe and to stand out in a crowd. Opt for hot pink high-waisted tailored pants with a white silk blouse, or a straight cut neon green blazer over classic black pants to really bring out your eccentric side!  

Get Some Sole!

No matter what you are wearing, the right shoes can fix your entire outfit! Recently, the dad sneakers have become all the rage with mainstream outlets as well as high-end designers churning out some stunning chunky sneakers that are uber chic to wear under a dress, over high-waisted pants, mom jeans, or even a long knitted sweater. 

If you are buying your first pair, we recommend going with the classic white. However, if you already own one and love dad sneakers as much as we do, opt for a stunning baby pink or a zesty orange to create a contrasting look with your outfit.  

Flatforms Are Going To Be Your New Best Friend

If there is one fashion trend that is all the rage right now, it’s flatforms! These are shoes that have a thick heel but provide the comfort of flats.

The best part about flatforms is the fact that you can dress them up or down. Whether you are wearing mom jeans or a midi dress, flatforms are a great alternative to boring old flats. Not only are they super comfortable, but they also give the wearer some height in an inconspicuous way. So bid adieu to your usual loafers or flats and get on the flatforms train to stay trendy! 

Parting Thoughts

Parting Thoughts

Whatever fashion trend you opt for, make sure that it is in line with your personal aesthetic and speaks to your own style. This is important for you to stay comfortable and at ease in your clothes.

So next time you are going out shopping, keep these trends in mind and shop for something unique that is both trendy and speaks to your personal aesthetic. 

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