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If you groove to Maroon 5, the popular rock music band, then you obviously will be keen to know more about its leading singer artist, Adam Levine. Other than singing Adam is also into writing songs and producing records. He also got talent in the field of acting. One cannot skip his presence as a judge in The Voice, a reality TV show in America.

Adam is a popular name in rock-pop music leading the Maroon 5 band. His music career started during the 90s when he was also the leader of a musical band, Kara’s Flowers. He played with guitar and vocals. But when one of their albums failed to make the mark, it resulted in the splitting of the band.

Then came its new formation, Maroon 5, the new rock-pop musical band, led by Adam. This time he got partnered with an American musician who took the role of playing the guitar. Together Adam and he launched Songs About Jane, their debut album, acquiring platinum status.

Then came an array of more albums including Overexposed. Owing to his remarkable musical feats, Adam got many accolades including Grammy.

He even became a judge on the reality show that aired long ago. His team became winners in some of the seasons. After showing his prowess in the music world, Adam experimented with acting and got the opportunity to play a character in a horror TV show in America.

Venture Into Entrepreneurship

Apart from his music and acting career, Adam also became an entrepreneur by launching a perfume business, followed by an apparel business of men collection.

Other than this, he is the owner of his production company, called 222 Production, and record label 222 Records. Under these, he produced two TV shows. Let us know more about his life, career, total earning, etc in this article.

Personal Details 

Full Name:Adam Noah Levine
Stage Name:Adam Levine
Birthday:18 March 1979
Place Of Origin:Los Angeles, California, United States
Age:41 years old
Height:1.82 m
Weight:77 kg
Sexual orientation: Straight
Spouse:Behati Prinsloo
Profession:American musician, actor, songwriter and entrepreneur
Total Net Worth:$150 million

How much Adam Levine's Net Worth

Early Life

Adam was born in the  United States. He joins two half-siblings and one step-sibling. Adam did his schooling at a reputed school. There he joined with his co-members of his musical band. Together they founded Kara’s Flowers band in a garage. To pursue his career in music, Adam left the college in the middle.

When Adam was born his parents parted ways following the divorce. However, that did not draw his inclination towards a single parent. A grown-up Adam used to meet his mother and father on weekdays. Adam regards himself as Jewish but does not strictly follow the religion.

He was never in support of a Jewish ritual meant specially for boys and the custom of getting presents. For this, Adam has his way of thinking. According to him, this is not the ideal practice to make connectivity with the almighty god. Levine is related to an author and journalist from America and television writer and producer.

Personal Life

There had been many women in the modeling industry with whom Adam had dated. One such is Behati with whom Adam married, seven years ago. He is the father of two kids from her. Adam had once admitted his drug influence during his younger times. But he is among those luckier ones who came out from this bad habit. It all happened when he lost his sense after consuming the Ambien drug for the first time.


A well-known record producer noticed Adam and his fellow partners during a live musical performance at a Malibu home party. Levine took the lead with playing guitar and vocals. It was then when a record producer noticed them. Another American record producer then made a contract with them.

Then came the launch of the debut album of Kara’s Flowers. They made a brief appearance in a television series of the 90s. After the completion of graduation, Adam and his music band partners went for a tour to promote their first music venture.

But sadly, they did not get enough positive results to what they expected. The copies of their album only got sold around $5K. And so came the end of the musical group.

Comeback With New Member

When the band split up, Adam and his fellow musical partner headed towards NY, and later on, they made a comeback with two new things. First, they renamed their old musical band and the other was the joining of the new member to the band.

Dedicating Poem to Ex-Girlfriend

Not many know that Adam had once worked as an assistant on a television show that aired on the CBS network. It was the time when he was yet to taste fame in the music world. These days, he penned down so many songs and poems, to dedicate to his ex-girlfriend.

The songs he wrote became part of his debut album in 2002. It achieved the status of platinum three times at the time of its launch. It was not a big success in the beginning but made an impact in the later years. The album joined the brigade of best-selling albums.

Winning Grammy

Maroon 5 the new renamed album led by Adam became a Grammy award winner for newbie artists, another Grammy award won by the musical band was for another hit album with his fellow band members.

Featuring Other Well-Known Artists

The success of Maroon 5 with millions of copies being sold worldwide, including the United States, brought much fame to Adam. The album rocked the American musical charts with hit songs like One More Night, Animals, etc. The success of his album Maroon 5 also became possible due to the presence of well-known artists, including the beautiful Christina Aguilera, and known American rappers.

Net Worth Of Adam Levine

According to 2021, $150 million is supposed to be the estimated net worth of award-winning singer, Adam Levine. The main source of his wealth comes obviously from his musical feats, and judging the reality show The Voice.

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