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Some personalities are known for donning different skills. One such example is Damon Dash. He is an actor as well as a producer of music. Adding one more quality is his entrepreneurship behind the foundation of the record label, with a well-known rapper and an entrepreneur. 

Ever since childhood, Damon has never compromised in doing hard work. He did his education from a private school. At a very tender age, Damon lost his mother who suffered from difficulty in breathing. Being an entrepreneur, Damon with the coordination of his fellow partners launched an apparel business that has indeed fetched him lucrative profits. 

When his business was doing well, he planned to open more branches to expand his business. Damon also immersed himself in the field of marketing, promoting goods and services, as well as managing talent. His production company of films spawned many cult movies like The Woodsman starring the Hollow Man fame actor Kevin Bacon.

You might not be much familiar with Damon Dash, so today, I am going to reveal some vital facts about him in this article. This will include his net worth in the current year. It will be indeed included, but before that, I would like to emphasize his life, his profession, personal life, and more other interesting facts. So if you seem ready to explore about him, then let’s go. 

Personal Details 

Full Name:Damon Anthony Dash
Popular Name:Damon Dash/Dame Dash
Birthday:3 May 1971
Place Of Origin:New York, United States
Age:49 years old
Height:1.78 m
Weight:80 kg
Sexual orientation: Straight
Spouse:Rachel Roy
Profession:American entrepreneur, record executive, actor, director & film producer
Total Net Worth:$10 thousand

How much Damon Dash's Net Worth

Early Life

Damon was born in NYC, the United States on 3rd May 1971. He was hardly fifteen years of age when his mother passed away due to a serious breathing problem. With her demise, life posed a difficult challenge to young Damon, who was forced to take up odd jobs in a barbershop and selling newspapers. He also worked as a sweeper. All he did was to meet his daily needs and to purchase some apparel for himself. 

Personal Life

Damon came close to the late American singer, Aaliyah during the millennium decade. Her untimely death came as a shock to him. A fatal plane crash is known to be the reason behind her early demise. 

Before death, she had an engagement with Dash. The wedding would have also taken place, had destiny not been so cruel taking her life away, at the time of her uprising career. But life has to go on. 

After Aaliyah, Rachael Roy came into Damon’s life and became his life partner. She met him at the time of doing an internship in an American clothing retail company. Both are parents to two girls. The relationship between Dash and Rachael took a turbulent turn, following the divorce. 

She accused him of domestic violence. Other than the father of two daughters born from Rachael, Dash is also father to a son who was born from his previous relationship with his girlfriend. You can watch his son appearing in a reality television show. At present, he is in a relationship with a film producer. 


Damon is known to be the founder of the American record label company with Jay Z, a well-known name in the world of rap music. Damon was known to be the partner in his business. He also worked as a manager here. 

Dash even conducted a tour for the American rapper with a million-dollar amount. When the record label company owned by both of them rose to higher success, the net worth of Damon also increased to more than $40 million. But as it says, in life, nothing stays longer. Not even a good phase. The same happened between Damon and Jay-Z. 

Their relationship soon got spoiled when the same company had been taken over by another competitor record company. The American rapper parted his ways with Dash and chose to become the president of the competitor record label company of Manhattan. 

The worst happened when Dash was put aside from the stake in the American apparel business in which both were part of it. This ended the bonding between the two. 

Other Business

The relationship between Jay-Z and Damon ended on a very bad note, as the latter was left aside by the American rapper from Roc-A-Fella. But that did not stop Damon to proceed further. Knowing the art of producing records, he got involved in other fields, and achieved success. 

One such example was an apparel business, Rocawear. With its success, Damon explored more other fields including merchandising, marketing, managing talent and producing films. Under his film production company, many outstanding films got produced. One such was The Woodsman starring Hollow Man fame actor, Kevin Bacon. 

Another example to mention is Paid in Full in which Mekhi Phifer played the leading role. Damon too made appearances in films. But most of the time he was behind the production. He also came up with more new ventures including a magazine, and a company dealing in web designing. Adding on more, Damon also founded a gallery of artwork and a record company. 


Although Damon has not received any awards in his professional career, that hardly matters because he knows in diverse fields. He is keeping his efforts on to achieve big in his life without resting on someone’s shoulders. He had a bad experience in getting split from his partner, the well-known American rapper, Jay-Z. So let us see what new big achievement we are going to expect from Damon in the future. 

Monetary Crunch

Damon had gone through a major financial crunch following his divorce matters and other legal issues. Two years back, he was even put behind bars for failing to pay the amount of $400K for supporting his child. He was held for domestic violence against his ex-girlfriend with whom he had a child. Damon was supposed to pay her the $500K. 

Net Worth Of Damon Dash

According to 2021, $10K is supposed to be the estimated net worth of entrepreneur Damon Dash. The source of his income from his multiple businesses, including the one dealing in apparel, film production, and others. Due to the divorce issue and non-repayment of taxes, his financial condition did get down.

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