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Address Verification to the Rescue 

How is the address verified?

With the increase in online shopping, scamming has also increased. This is why it is important to verify a person’s address. Address verification is done to ensure that the given address is correct, and any form of deliveries will be sent to the right address.

It can also be done to verify a person’s identity.  Online KYC Verification reduces chargeback frauds and mailing costs and improves communication.

How is the address verified?

You don’t have to go at lengths to get your address manually verified anymore. AI-based software has given a great solution for KYC Verification. You just have to upload your photo along with your ID document. This is done to match your documents with the previously given document to verify the authenticity of the document.

Then you have to submit a secondary document. This secondary document can be anything that contains your home address or business address to verify the business address or home address. This document could be utility bills or driver’s licenses, Id cards, or bank statements. This secondary document is then matched with your given document to verify your address.

Documents that could be used for address verifications are:

  • Utility bills
  • Bank Statement
  • ID Cards (with full address visible)
  • Driving license
  • ID Cards

Importance of Address Verification

  • Online deliveries

E-commerce helps to build online business platforms. These online brands come with built-in shipping or delivery solutions. Users have to just add their address for deliveries. The problem arises when there is no way to verify a person’s address. This leads to unnecessary return and waste of money and product. At times people use different addresses to order the same product in bulk and then sell it as their own product at different prices. Address verification can help to check these fraudsters. Sometimes people order something online and then later they never receive the order claiming they never ordered. This problem can also be tackled through address verification. The food industry faces a lot of loss due to the return of delivery because the food goes to waste once returned. Address verification also helps in this issue.

  • Id card address verification

Address verification can be used to verify a person’s identity. If a person has a stolen id and they are claiming to be someone they are not, then they would not be able to provide a secondary document and get the address verified. If the address is not verified, then the identity of the person will not be verified.

  • Mail deliveries

Mails are a private matter. Most of the time they contain sensitive information that should not get into the wrong hands. Sometimes it contains your personal information like your SSN number and that can lead to a risk of identity theft if it gets into the wrong hands. Therefore, it is important to verify the address, so the emails are delivered to the right address. Sometimes important emails with deadlines are delivered to the wrong address and the person can lose good opportunities so that’s why KYC document verification is important.

  • Save the Time and Hassle 

Online address verification is an automated process that saves a lot of time. Manually verifying everyone’s address can be hectic and inaccurate. It may take a lot of time that may also lead to many delays. Verifying the address online and can save not only time but also from chargeback fraud and mismanagement. It is important for a business to have a good reputation. Having the deliveries delayed or mismanaged can create a bad repute of the business and cause people to avoid them altogether.

How do I setup a rescue e-mail for my iOS device

apple has carried out a selection of safety features over the years to defend person information, along with credit score card facts and so forth. some of the one’s functions consist of the apple identity safety questions and backup

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Email. including a backup electronic mail, or “rescue e-mail” as apple calls it, permits you to reset your protection questions, and receive account protection-related notifications. you may installation a rescue e mail at the apple id account page through following those steps:

1) Enter your apple identification and password on apple identity account web page.

2) Click the “add a rescue e mail…” choice inside the safety segment.

3) Verify your account through answering the 2 safety questions. if you have forgotten the solutions to your security questions, you’ll want to touch apple aid for assist.

4) Click “add an email cope with” and enter your rescue e-mail.

5) Apple will then ship a verification email to that deal with.

  • Add an additional email address

Sign into your apple identification account page.

Click edit within the account segment.

Below available at, choose to add more.

Enter your extra e-mail cope with. make certain you are no longer already the usage of it as an apple identification.

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