Are all lash lifts or lash perms the same?

Eyelash Extensions

If you’re looking to enhance your lashes without the fuss of daily mascara application or eyelash extensions, lash lifts and perms might be the perfect solution for you. But are all lash lifts or lash perms the same? The answer is no. Here’s what you need to know.

Lash Lifts vs. Lash Perms

First things first, let’s differentiate between lash lifts and perms. While both treatments aim to enhance your natural lashes, the techniques used are different.

A lash lift uses a chemical solution to curl your lashes from the base, creating a lifted and more open appearance. It’s a popular choice for those with straight lashes who want to add a bit of curl without the maintenance of lash extensions. The results can last six to eight weeks.

On the other hand, a lash perm uses the same chemical solution to curl your lashes, but this time, it’s done using a rod or roller. The result is a more dramatic curl than a lash lift and can last up to three months.

Not All Lash Lifts or Perms are Created Equal

Now that the difference between these two treatments is more clear, it’s important to note that not all lash lifts or perms are created equal. The outcome of the treatment is affected by a few factors like the quality of the products, the expertise of the technician, and the technique of the lash artist.

Quality Products

Cheaper products may not last as long or provide the same level of lift or curl as higher quality products. Look for a technician who uses professional-grade products and ask about the brands they use. This refers to Lash Lifts, Perms and eyelash extensions.

Expertise of the Technician

The expertise of the technician performing your lash lift or perm is crucial. You want to ensure that they have experience and are trained in the technique they’re using. A poorly trained technician can cause damage to your lashes or result in an uneven curl or lift.


Finally, the technique used can affect the outcome of your treatment. Every technician may have their own unique technique, but there are certain aspects that should be consistent. For example, the placement of the rods or rollers used in a lash perm should be precise to ensure an even curl. Likewise, the timing and application of the chemical solution in a lash lift should be carefully monitored to avoid over-processing.


Lash lifts and perms can be a great way to enhance your natural lashes, but it’s important to remember that not all treatments are created equal. Look for a technician who uses high-quality products, has expertise in the technique they’re using, and pays attention to detail during the treatment. With the right technician, you can achieve a beautiful, long-lasting lash lift, perm, or eyelash extensions that complements your natural beauty.

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