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The exponential increase in the advancement of technology is something to be thankful for. Today, we can learn online from a few of the world’s best institutes and organizations. The internet provides an ocean of knowledge, and we can get an abundance of it if used in the right way.

Here’s an interesting fact for you – more than six million people are studying using online courses and referring resources available online as a part of their higher education program.

There are various study resources available online, and the most sought-after resource is an online course. It may be recorded lectures, interactive sessions, or in some other format. Well, to answer if there are any free courses online, it’s a big YES.

In this article, I’ll tell you the five free courses online that will boost your career. These will be the cybersecurity courses. You will learn from industry experts in all five courses, get free resources, and have skill-based learning. Last but not least, just like a perk of any other free courses online, you can learn anytime, anywhere. Given below are the five must learn free courses online in cybersecurity.

Cyber Security for Beginners

This is a course in which you will learn the basics of cybersecurity. This course will cover the introduction and will make you familiar with the current cybersecurity landscape. You will know all the relevant and required tools for accessing and managing the security protocols in information processing systems. Through this program, you will also learn to perform business impact analysis and disaster recovery testing. It is only a 3-hour course, you can learn it at your own pace. Through this course, the basic skills you will learn are:

  • Fundamentals of cybersecurity
  • Threat actors attacks
  • Security policies amp procedures
  • Mitigation
  • Secure architecture
  • Wireless networks
  • Network security controls
  • BYOD security testing
  • IS Governance
  • Risk management
  • Business continuity
  • Incident management
  • Disaster recovery.

Cyber Security for Beginners

Certified Cloud Security Professionals

Certified Cloud Security Professionals, or simply CCSP, will give you an overview of information security, and you will learn a few of the most effective strategies needed to maintain data security. You will counter and understand the threats to cloud storage infrastructure as you will be learning cloud security fundamentals. If you are willing to become a cloud security professional, it is the best course for you. It is a 7-hour long course which you can learn weed. Skills covered in this course are concepts of cloud computing, cloud architecture and design, cloud data lifecycle, cloud application security, threat modeling, vulnerabilities and risks, encryption, cloud security operations, identity & access management, encryption, risk management & analysis, business continuity, and disaster recovery.

Certified Information Systems Auditor

CISA is one of the free courses online in which you will learn the fundamentals of information systems. This course will prepare you to regulate and govern enterprise IT architecture. You will also learn to implement an effective security audit. You will master acquiring, developing, testing, and deploying information systems while learning standards, guidelines, and best practices to protect them. It is a 15-hour self-paced video course. Skills covered in this course are Vulnerability assessment and identification, Auditing Information Systems, Information Systems Audit & assurance guidelines, Governance & IT management, Information asset protection, Information Systems acquisition development & implementation, Information Systems operations maintenance, and service management.

Certified Information Systems Security Professional

In this course, you will learn all the IT security aspects for any IT professional who wishes to pass the CISSP certification exam. You will be introduced to information security, and it will help you become an expert in defining IT architecture. You will also maintain and design a secure business environment. It is an 18-hour long course which you can complete at your own pace. Skills you will learn in this course are Security and risk management, Cryptography OSI and TCPIP models, Software development security, Asset security Security architecture & design, IP addresses, Security assessment & testing, identity and access management, and network security.

Certified Information Security Manager

The CISM course is best for an individual in information security who designs, manages, oversees, and evaluates the enterprise information security. This program will make you familiar with the information security governance framework. It will also help you develop relevant skills to deploy, design, and manage security architecture for the organization you will work in. It is a 14-hour long course, again a self-paced course, i.e., you can learn at your own pace. The skills you will learn with this course are Information Security Governance, Design security architecture, Information Security Incident Management, Knowledge of ISACA domains, Enterprise IT frameworks, Information security programs.

You can find all of these free courses online on Simplilearn. These courses are a part of SkillUp by Simplilearn. It is a platform provided by Simplilearn where learners can take free courses online. These are self-learning, self-paced courses for free of cost. You can learn and explore in-demand skills according to your schedule and speed. Top practitioners and industry experts prepare all the courses.

To sign up for these courses, you will be asked for your name, email, or phone number. You have to put these details on SkillUp by Simplilearn website. You can also download the app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store. The alternative for signing up would be Google, Facebook, Apple account, or LinkedIn.

Learning online and opting for free courses online is the new normal. We should know how to find the right resources and use them wisely. Learners should never fail to take advantage of all the study resources available on the internet and make the best out of it. Completing these five courses would give a boost to your career. The knowledge you will gain here is from the best hands – that is, from the top practitioners and industry experts. Enroll in the course and go start learning now!

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