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The Difference Between Home Deep Cleaning and Regular cleaning

Home Deep Cleaning

Keeping the house clean should not just be out of a habit but should be done religiously. It helps keep the home safe from any bacteria and viruses that might promote your family members’ health and safety risks. 

When it comes to cleaning the house, we must all understand that there is a difference between the regular cleaning we do at home and doing a deep cleaning that might involve harmful chemicals. Aside from the benefits, we are also listing down some differences between regular cleaning and deep cleaning of your home.

The Need for Professionals

One of the differences that regular cleaning and deep cleaning have is that you should hire a cleaning services company when it comes to deep cleaning.Deep cleaning might involve the use of chemicals and cleaning agents that only trained professionals can do.

These cleaning chemicals used in deep cleaning may be harmful but ensure that the house is bacteria and virus-free when appropriately used, with a professional’s assistance, of course.

Professionals offer house cleaning prices that are affordable, and in the long run, you will sometimes realize cheaper than doing the deep cleaning yourself. Hiring professionals, such as experts from “house cleaning company“, to do the deep cleaning plus the equipment and chemicals needed is almost always a package. Hiring professionals helps you a lot on costs too, considering you won’t have to buy the substances yourself.

Home Deep Cleaning and Regular cleaning


The schedule is another difference when it comes to regular cleaning versus the deep cleaning of your home. When it comes to regular cleaning, you can schedule it daily or even weekly, depending on how untidy your house can be.

With deep cleaning, considering there is chemical and cleaning substance use, it can either be done monthly every two months or sometimes once a year. Properly scheduling the differences in time helps to avoid thinning or destroying your home’s surfaces when using these cleaning chemicals. 

There are instances that professionals would need to assess and also visit your home first to check what are suitable chemicals to use, this considering if you do have wood surfaces versus tiled surfaces. Most often than not, this might take weeks or months of planning, depending on the deep cleaning your house needs.

Regular cleaning would take around a couple of hours, depending on the size and area you plan to cover. However, when it comes to deep cleaning, some may take days considering extensive cleaning is involved. One good example of comprehensive deep cleaning is finding out and removing growing moulds under fixed carpets and other moist surfaces that are not cleaned with simple regular cleaning.

Another excellent example of deep cleaning is decluttering an old stock or storage room that might have mites, fleas, grime, mould, and mildew pile up. These extensive cleaning methods sometimes include removing some walls to access areas that need a thorough cleaning as well.


Regular cleaning involves wiping, scrubbing, washing with soap and water, and wiping surfaces to dry. When it comes to deep cleaning, this consists of the process of removing hard stains, grimes, and moulds that have penetrated the surface walls of your home. With the help of cleaning agents and chemicals, professionals can take care of removing those stains that could have been on your surfaces for years. 

Deep cleaning doesn’t just involve simple wiping and scrubbing. More often than not, this method consists of equipment that doesn’t just clean your home surfaces but would also go deep through those surfaces to eliminate deep stains. Some chemicals need time to steep into the wall surface, so additional time for waiting is required. The in-depth cleaning process may take a lot of time and can not be rushed. 

When it comes to general or regular cleaning, there is minimal cost considering that the cleaning materials can be found at home or bought from the nearest supermarket. Doing a routine cleaning of the house by yourself means there won’t be a need to pay for professional fees.

However, it may come to the point that when deep cleaning is concerned, most chemicals and equipment needed are not readily available. You can choose to purchase the equipment and cleaning chemicals and do the deep cleaning yourself and store the equipment in your storage room ready to use in the future. Always weigh your options.

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