Baby Sleep – Tips For A Better Sleep Using Merino Wool

Baby Sleep

You should always keep in mind that a newborn baby whether it’s a boy or a girl needs almost 16 hours of sleep and it might be spread in intervals over one day and a night.  In the case of adults, we also know that our body requires an average of 8 hours of sleep a night and this figure equates to just over one-third of our lifetime.

You should also know this if our little babies do not get enough sleep or sufficient amounts of sleep that can interrupt their routine,  disturb their behavior, and can also cause some health conditions and the same is the case with adults.

In case you have observed that your kid is not sleeping well then have you ever thought that the main reason and this could be the environment in which they are sleeping which is not the perfect one to ensure a good sleep.

For many years it is also that parents have been using natural fibers of wool so that their babies can sleep in a warm and comfortable environment.  Most commonly merino wool is used for this purpose and merino NZ is considered the most comfortable option.  So this simply means that if you just make your baby sleep in the natural environment of this wool then that can make a big difference in quality sleep.  now there is scientific evidence also that making your baby sleep on the wool can prove the quality of sleep

Why Merino Wool?

  • You need to know that this wool has some kind of natural temperature properties. Since babies don’t have the ability to regulate their body heat very efficiently while they are at that is so that’s why the baby is more exposed to heat loss.  as this whole has some natural temperature properties and it helps the body of the baby to Naturally regulate the body heat.  you also need to know that the baby can be exposed to overheating if you make him sleep in synthetics but in the case of using whole he will be provided even warmth
  • This type of wool contains some natural moisturizing properties and has the ability that it can stop bed to become clammy because it assists with regulating the temperature of a body.  you also need to know that this is a naturally breathable fiber that helps with a more comfortable and a safer sleep
  • this kind  of wool is very soft and comfortable to the skin of the baby and remained to the reason behind this is the fineness of fibers that has and it is not scratchy at all
  • You can also call this wool a mum’s best friend. It has a natural smile and is resistant to dirt and this is the reason that it does not need a lot of cleaning or washing.  but if you still want to watch them garments made of this material are machine washable and they drive within no time
  • moreover, you need to know that this type of wool is resistant to fire and will not burn so that’s why it is a great fiber for nightwear for a baby and is very safe

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