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Best 10 Roll20 Alternatives, Sites Like Roll20


Roll20 is a platform that provides users a set of tools for playing virtual pen and paper role playing games. The platform has been in the market for eight years since September 2012 and is still regarded as an authentic virtual tabletop along with available immersive tools online that continuously expands the tabletop gameplay .

It is a reputable tabletop database that employs unique and competitive features that attracts a lot of users from around the world. Some of its highly regarded features include dynamic lighting, character simulation and integration, separate art marketplace, and more.

In this article, we will be sharing 10 best Roll20 alternatives that you may try to use and see which suits your interests better. Also, if you love DnD, take a look at this ultimate list of DnD Gifts to improve your online and in-person games.

Best 10 Sites Like Roll20:



The first best alternative to Roll20 is MapTool. MapTool is an excellent virtual tabletop that lets users play online role-playing games with their friends from around the world.

This brilliant platform enables users to connect and play against other players at the same time. With MapTool, users can play with a wide array of games that exhibits versatility, flexibility, pleasure, and satisfaction.

Aside from that, MapTool is regarded as a game system agnostic which has the ability to support game systems with no other requirement to use its features.

One attractive thing about MapTool is that it is an open-source software that is frequently updated and enhanced. 

Fantasy Grounds

Another Roll20 alternative that is widely used by role playing game players online is Fantasy Grounds. Fantasy Grounds provide a unique and excellent game experience with their advanced database features.

It displays intelligent programming and flexible features that enables players to prepare the game easily and efficiently. 

With Fantasy Grounds, users can expect a fast pacing and enjoyable overall tabletop performance. Fantasy Grounds is critically acclaimed for allowing game masters, players or any user to fully customize their games and rulesets.

D&D Beyond

D&D Beyond is one of the best alternatives that functions similarly to Roll20, or even better. It is accessible on both mobile and desktop browsers. It provides virtual tools like character sheet and builder, spell listings, engaging Twitch Extension, and more. 

D&D Beyond

With D&D Beyond, users are permitted to customize and create their own homebrew content. This virtual database is free to use but subscription can also be bought to experience immersive features of the platform.

Another feature of DDB that attracts millions of players is the massive online compilation of character attributes, ease of access, and flexibility of the game controls.


Rolisteam is a widely used virtual database that offers various roles for sharing information among other user across the globe just like Roll20. It is one of the best alternatives to Roll20 and it offers high-quality characteristics.

This virtual tabletop software allows players to experience excellent role playing game features such as convenient vector map, efficient client-server architecture, rich text editor, accurate character builder, intensive spell listings, and many others.


Next on the list of best alternatives for Roll20 is Battlegrounds. Battlegrounds is a challenging tabletop database that provides users various role playing games. It is a role playing game platform that is in sync with every game conversion.

Battlegrounds allows users to connect with other players from around the world and have ease of access for every feature.

With Battlegrounds, the players can experience a competitive environment with a wide array of roles or genre to explore.

Beyond Tabletop

Beyond Tabletop is another Roll20 alternative that can be regarded as one of the bests. It is designed to enhance and upgrade in-person experience among other players. This virtual tabletop software ensures user-friendly attributes and designed its features to be understandable, accessible, flexible, and simple.

The developers are ensuring simplicity of features to entice users that Beyond Tabletop is a convenient platform for every age group. Beyond Tabletop also takes pride in their real time simulations and user-friendly tools. 

With Beyond Tabletop, any user can enjoy the pleasure of various role playing games and cross platform connection.


Mipui is a collaborative map creator that allows game masters to take control in creating their grid based maps for role playing games or tabletop. Although Mipui’s features are limited, it is still considered one of the best alternatives to Roll20 because of its impressive features.

Such features include, simplicity, flexible gaming attributes, customizable tool sets, and others. Mipui is also supported by different real time collaborations that allows users to share and remix maps using the ‘fork’ feature.

This virtual tabletop role playing game database put great emphasis on open-sharing, simplicity, and real time collaboration.

Power Virtual Tabletop

One of Roll20’s competitors is the Power Virtual Tabletop which makes it part of the best alternatives one can make use of. Power Virtual Tabletop works in comparison with Roll20 except that PVT employs game building and fantasy role playing games while Roll20 seeks to expand tabletop gameplay.

Power Virtual Tabletop is built to initiate a simple yet powerful database for various role playing games. It provides users with real time updates, advanced dynamic features, an impressive handful of tools, and so on.

This virtual tabletop gets users to save time in building and encourages them to play more.

Standard Action

Standard Action is one best alternative that works similarly with Roll20. It is engineered to bring the virtual game world to life. Furthermore, it is a highly-regarded web-based tabletop database that is lightweight, flexible, and unique.

The performance level of Standard Action rivals other best alternatives in the role playing game platform market. It is accessible by any users because it is free with no ads and paywalls.

Some of their many features include dynamic lighting, world map simulation, automation, game control customization, and map layers.

GM Forge

Roll20 best alternatives will not be complete without GMForge. GM Forge is another tabletop alternative that offers quality features and excellent role playing games experience to its users.

It is a competitive standalone virtual tabletop that lets users to play and communicate with other players from across the globe. GM Forge has several features that can be fully unlocked when you purchase the copy. 

Its features include dynamic lighting, music and video integration, voice or video chat, auto calculations, full system builder, spellbook inventory, custom character sheets, and so on.

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