10 Best Sites and Apps Like Wish for Online Shopping


With the generation and situation we have right now, online shopping must have been the best and most efficient to do our shopping. Having the convenience at the palm of our hands, what else could we ask for?

Anyway, if you are into online shopping, then you probably would have an idea what a Wish shopping site/app is. If you still don’t know, a Wish shopping site is one of the easiest ways to get some of the lowest and cheapest products on the internet. With its wide range of products, this e-commerce store always gets its top spot in the rankings. 

Wish is an online platform which is closely similar to eBay or Amazon. People who use this app are allowed to sell their products online which can be bought by the other people who are also using the app. Most of the products that are available here are mostly directly inline with the manufacturers in China. The site has a very huge selection of products that are not associated with large brands or companies. 

Though shipping time of the items may take a long time due to shipping processes, the prices are inexpensive. Just keep in mind though that quality of the products may differ depending on who your supplier is or who sells it. So better keep in check who your seller is. Check their legitimacy and the feedback under their products. 

So I think that’s enough introduction for Wish, let us now go to the other alternatives or other sites that we can check into. Listed below are the sites that are a great alternative in case you have encountered bad experiences under Wish. Here it is.

10 Best Sites and Apps Like Wish for Online Shopping

10 Best Sites and Apps Like Wish for Online Shopping


Originally established as an online website to accommodate children’s apparel. This website has grown a lot to offer a variety of products which are perfect for young mothers. Baby clothes, toys, kitchenware, and latest gadgets and machines that can help young mothers get their chores in time. All of these are available at low prices through their website and app.

If you have created an account under their website, you will get frequent notifications and pop ups about flash sales. Though for some, it might be quite troublesome, but for most, it is a great tool that can help them get their dream items at a very affordable price. Under these flash sales are products that are very popular nowadays which are sold at a very very low price that is why people dig into it.


When we talk about large ecommerce, then AliExpress would fit into that ranking. While AliExpress is mostly popular on Asian countries, wester shoppers are starting to know the great deals and offers on this site.

If you are enthusiastic about investing and commerce, then you would know who and what Alibaba is. Alibaba is one of the big fishes in terms of Chinese conglomerate. Alibaba owns this huge site which sells products at a very affordable price. Although there is a catch, for people who are not located close to China, specially the US, you may need to wait up to a month for your items to arrive given that it is already at a free shipping.


Just like the previous one, BangGood is also a Chinese ecommerce site. BangGood also offers a wide range of products to sell. These include gadgets, clothes, phones, and many more. Unlike AliExpress, BangGood lets you track your purchases and also comes with free shipping. 

Though BangGood offers a wide range of products, their stocks are limited. The site itself is not that large compared to the previous ones that were mentioned, but they compensate with their great deals though. Maybe it’s the reason that their products are always cheap that their products are out of stock? Who knows.


Overstock started way back 1999 as a reseller of both surplus and returned goods.


Started as a low ecommerce, and now at its sky high marketing. Although the company still focuses on buying and selling the same goods. The company also sells their own original merchandise which includes handmade goods. 


GearBest is one of the many Chinese ecommerce stores that provide people on the internet the convenience of shopping online. Its wide range of electronic gadgets attracts young people who are into new gadgets. With their low price and quality efficiency, their customers keep getting more and more.

The site accepts a lot of modes of payment, but PayPal and major credit cards are what the regular customers use. 


DealeXtreme is a great site to tackle with. With its thousands of daily deals and sales on what is popular nowadays. Phones, tablets, computer parts, you name it, they got it. And just like most of the mentioned above, it is also a Chinese eCommerce that resells with the cooperation with third-party merchants to keep their inventory up.

Here’s the deal though, DealeXtreme gained a different reputation from different customers. Some have complained that their products take too much time to be received. That is why DealeXtreme has been in the lower ranks in terms of Chinese e-commerce. However, with all the complaints and such, DealeXtreme still delivers their service at its best, so it is considered a safe site to purchase online.


Joom app is considered one of the closest direct competitors of Wish in terms of ecommerce. It offers almost the same features with Wish app and also provides great deals in a wide variety of merchandise.


Joom has this rule where if you have received your product broken or defective, you get a full refund for your items. The same goes within products that did not arrive within 75 days.

You can also check other sites like Light in the Box, Yoshop, Fab. Although these sites come in last, it does not mean that it goes lower than the other sites/apps that are mentioned above. 

These sites and apps all sell legitimate products that you can find all over the internet. Just keep in mind to check customer reviews on sellers so that you can know which are sellers who are legit and are bringing in good trade.

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