Can you stop the mileage on a digital odometer?

stop the mileage on a digital odometer

The question is very active for many drivers. We all know how important the mileage data is in a vehicle. Almost every driver tries to control it and avoid extra numbers on the odometer.

For many individuals, low mileage data is associated with a longer lifespan for a car. For that reason, there appeared many odometer tools on the market.

Some of them are used for deceitful purposes, to change existing data and earn the highest benefit out of the sale. Below we will review the kilometer stopper from that is the only ethical way to stop the mileage!

What is the mileage stopper device?

The mileage stopper device is also referred to as mileage blocker, odometer blocker, odometer stopper, mileage stopper, trip odometer, can blocker, can filter, and in some instances as a speedometer calibration tool, as well. The kilometer stopper from stops counting kilometers/miles while testing a car’s performance.

Ways to use odometer blocker

Since the odometer blocker from is the only ethical tool, it shouldn’t be used for deceitful purposes. The tool is meant for testing and tuning purposes. For that reason, you can use it only while testing a vehicle’s performance and not on public roads. By using the tool, you can avoid counting extra miles during the testing process.

Does mileage stopper work on any digital odometer?

Yes! The mileage stopper works equally efficiently even if the digital odometer of a vehicle counts mileage in miles or kilometers (km). Hence, you don’t need to worry about such details while choosing a mileage stopper for your “best buddy”.

How to install a kilometer stopper?

It’s very simple to use a kilometer stopper from You will need just several minutes for the installation. It doesn’t need soldering or cutting wires. Plug the tool between the port of the speedometer and the instrument cluster and that’s it! You are ready to use all the benefits of this unique module.

Mileage blocker specification

The mileage blocker tool purchased at has multiple modes to choose from. It can be turned on and off while in motion. Besides, compared to correction tools, the mileage doesn’t increase spontaneously after removal!

Also, the tool always maintains the last applied settings. Hence, you don’t have to change the settings before starting a car next time.

Mileage programmer compatibility

Luckily, no matter which automobile you own, you can find a mileage programmer at for almost any model. Programmers write software specifically for each manufacturer and model to make sure it works flawlessly.


All in all, nonetheless there are many deceitful devices you can stop mileage on a digital odometer legally. Now you know that a mileage blocker is the only ethical way to stop counting miles on the odometer while testing a vehicle’s performance.

By using the tool, you can avoid extra miles on the odometer. So, after reading all the information, I guess it’s time to visit and choose the odometer stopper for your vehicle!

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