Career Options A Diploma In Business Development Can Offer You

Career Options A Diploma In Business

A company’s growth depends on a sound business development strategy that spans various departments and involves critical decision-making.

These development strategies guide the market expansion and brand awareness campaigns while also playing a critical role in relationship building for the organization, leading to positive change and better profitability. In addition, a well-planned and researched development plan can go a long way in helping a business determine its goals and achieve growth.

As a business developer, you can strengthen your firm’s position and improve your career prospects. This is where business development courses can help you understand how you become involved in the betterment of an organization.

Read ahead to see how a diploma in business development can open up lucrative career options for you.

Roles You Can Fill With A Business Development Diploma

A diploma in business development can give you the tools and resources to fulfil requirements as a:

Business Development Leader

A business development diploma is relevant across various industries and companies, providing many opportunities for strong candidates. They are hired for leadership roles in a business development team. These include the Director of Business Development or VP of Business Development.

People with experience in managing teams or who have been in Business Development Representative Manager roles are most likely to fill these positions. As you move up the hierarchy, you will find your responsibilities shifting, and fewer hours of your day will go by trying to catch up with how your team operates. Instead, your focus will turn towards tracking company goals and decision-making at a higher level.

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Business Development Representative

This is an entry-level post that your business development diploma can help you fill. Your position enables you to prospect and qualify early-stage leads at the funnel entrance. As a BDR, you must make cold calls and email prospective buyers daily to book more sales appointments.

A BDR’s role provides you with ample opportunity to learn about a business quickly while gaining valuable experience through client interaction.

However, remember that this role sometimes has a quota that you must consider before applying for the job. The BDR position is excellent for all those who prefer a fast-paced work environment based on metrics.

A BDR position helps you gain the essential skills necessary to enhance your career further when you decide to do so. BDRs usually move to a closing sales position as an Account Manager or Account Executive to advance their careers. However, they can also work cross-functionally to get transferable skills to help them learn the intricacies of other functions such as customer service, customer success, and marketing.

If you like your role as a Business Development Representative and thrive in it, you can also consider becoming a manager or team lead further in your career.

Business Development Manager

With a diploma in Business Development, you can also be a manager in the field, leading a BDR team and owning the sales process’s involving sales-qualified leads and marketing. This position brings additional responsibilities to manage individual contributors and overlook the sales pipeline from every aspect. 

It is best to have the experience of being a BDR before you take on this role, as it prepares you to understand the key responsibilities of the team and oversee it accordingly. Sometimes, companies also require a BDR manager to have prior experience as an Account Executive, so they have a holistic understanding of the entire sales process.

The success of every team member and their overall ability to meet sales targets in a specific duration defines the performance metrics for this position. If you can lead a team successfully and meet the company’s expectations, you further pave the way for growth to achieve even better leadership roles. 

Departments That Benefit From A Business Development Manager

A diploma in Business Development can open up several avenues for you as the field extends across various departments driven by a business development goal. These include:


The department requires an in-depth understanding of advertising and promotion to sell products and achieve sales targets successfully. And since business development initiatives help estimate a marketing budget, formal education in this subject can help you make these decisions.

You can allot these budgets based on your strategy since a high budget allows an aggressive marketing approach like personal visits, cold calling, free sample distribution, and roadshows. On the other hand, a low budget is used for passive marketing like print ads, billboards, limited online ads, and social media ads.


You can venture into the sales department and use sales strategies to target a particular customer base in a new market. Business development training allows the assessment of a specific market to get a targeted revenue number.  

Product Management

Since market requirements and regulatory standards differ across countries, a business development diploma can help you make important decisions about products finding their way in a new market. Such choices lay the foundation of product management and manufacturing with a carefully planned business strategy.

As a business developer, you must consider costs, regulatory requirements, and legal approvals to formulate a successful development plan.

Strategic Partnerships Or Initiatives

It is essential to know whether entering a market solo is the right way to move forward or form a strategic partnership or alliance with local firms in the region.

As part of the business development team, you can consider the benefits and drawbacks of these different options with the help of the finance and legal teams and select the most viable option.

Vendor Management

The business development team is at the core of deciding whether the business needs external vendors. This includes a specific courier service for product shipment, the firm partnering with an established retail chain to improve retail sales, and these engagements’ costs.

Cost Savings

While business development is essential to improve products, market reach, and sales, its job does not end there. Strategic decisions are necessary to enhance the bottom line, including cost-cutting measures, and the development team can perform an internal assessment to determine where these cuts can be made.

For instance, if you find that a lot is spent on traveling, you can encourage travel policy changes that include video conference calls, cheaper transportation modes, etc.

Networking, Lobbying, And Negotiations

Some businesses require soft skills expertise such as lobbying, which is accepted in some situations and can be essential in penetrating the market. Furthermore, soft skills like negotiating and networking can be an asset for third parties like government authorities, agencies, vendors, and regulators. Unfortunately, the business development team overlooks all these initiatives.

Things To Know As A Business Developer

The business development field requires intensive decision making, and as a business developer looking to excel or further grow your career, you must know the following:

  •         Competitor developments
  •         Customer profile
  •         Growth projects and the overall industry’s current state
  •         Unexplored and new market opportunities
  •         The current business state in SWOT analysis terms
  •         Business’s primary sales and revenues sources
  •         Cost areas and possible cost-savings options
  •         A long-term outlook considering the initiatives that people propose
  •         New products, domains, or sectors that can facilitate business expansion


Any organisation’s growth highly depends on its business development team as they tie its departments and functions together. Business development helps a firm expand and increase its revenues, sales, talent, products offerings, brand awareness, and customer service.

As a business developer, you get the opportunity to deal with several business areas and have the power to bring change to the firm by promoting growth in various departments.

Suppose you want a rewarding career in the business field. In that case, you can take up business development courses in Australia to learn how to exert control over the workings of a business, its internal departments, and its decision-making processes.

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