Carnival Row Season 2: All You Need to Know


Carnival Row is a fantasy drama television series from Amazon Prime Video set in a Victorian Era where mythology creatures have migrated to a safe haven called ‘The Burgue’.

These races came from war-torn homes and, even just for shelter, are facing racial discrimination from the upper races of The Burgue, telling them that they do not belong to the place. Beings are called the ‘critch’ and must learn how to coexist with humans. 

At the core of the drama is filled with the madness of power, unsolved murders, social adjustments, and unresolved love. 

The neo noir fantasy series is created by Travis Beachman and Rene Echevarria, directed by Jon Amiel. 

The first season of the film was released on August 30, 2019, where a month before, Amazon already declared a renewal for the series for a second season. 

Carnival Row Season 2: Cast

Most viewers already know the series’s quality, depending on the actors who take up the film’s role. Well, Carnival Row is packed with great main actors and actresses such as Orlando Bloom, who had significant roles in Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean, and Cara Delevinge, who played a role in Suicide Squad. 

The main characters are Rycroft Philostrate, a Burguishman Detective, played by Orlando Bloom, and Vignette Stonemoss, one of the refugee faeries, who is played by Cara Delevigne. 

Vignette knew something about the dark secret of Philo that would threaten his case, and this would be followed by a series of violent murders that have recently started to plague the area of peace. 

Simon McBurney accompanies the duo as Runyan Millworthy, who is a showman and a queer traveler, performing with his group of weird creatures called the ‘Kobolds,’ and David Gyasi, who played the role of Agreus, a strange wealthy faun, moving to an elite human place which is against their social level. 

The other casts are Andrew Gower as Ezra Spurnrose, Tamzin Merchant as Imogen Spurnrose, Karla Crome as Tourmaline, Arty Froushan as Jonah Breakspear, Indira Varma as Piety Breakspear, Caroline Ford as Sophie Longerbane, and Jared Harris as Absalom Breakspear. 

The main cast and characters are expected to return in season 2.

We can expect additional characters from both protagonists and antagonists to help shape up the mystery-filled story. 

Carnival Row Season 2: Crew and Production

Amazon signed the development deal for the film in January 2015. It was that time that the co-writer, director, and executive producer was Guillermo del Torro. The series is based on a spec script entitled ‘A Killing on Carnival Row’ written by Beachman.   

InMay of 2017, the production was given an order for a showrunner, and Paul McGuigan was tasked to direct the series. In June 2016, they already announced a pilot episode, while the creative team is still to be set. 

Moving forward of the film, Jon Amiel replaced McGuigan as the director and filmmaker of the series. Although the movie premiered in August 2019, the statement for renewal already came out in July 2019. 

The team spent five months on the pre-production, and the location was entirely shot in the Czech Republic. Barrandov Studios, Prague, contributed a lot of work. Other filming locations were at the Prachov Rocks, Chateaux Frydlant, Chateaux Krnsko, and the City of Liberec.

The studio or film set up uses multiple cameras set up, with a running time of 50-67 minutes. The production company was led by Amazon Studios, Legendary Television, and Siesta Production. It has a total of 8 episodes in the first season. We can only expect the same number of episodes in the second season.  

For season 2 of the series, the same production crew will most likely remain the same. 

Carnival Row Season 2: Plot

Before we run to the season 2 plot of Carnival Row, let us take a short recap on the first season. 

After their homes have been torn apart by the war, a group of mythical creatures has fled and gathered in the metropolis of The Burguer.

As they settled, the community and population began to grow, and slowly they started facing some hostility from the native human inhabitants. To make things more complicated are the series of murders that threaten the already shaking peace between the residents. 

The fae community is composed of fairies living in Tirnanoc, but after the war, they have fled to Carnival Row, a south bank of the River Beorn. Initially, it was a place where humans inhabited the area, but now, it became home to immigrants of Trow, Fauns, Fae, and other mythical creatures. 

Philo was a detective who supported the fae community, and Vignette is a fae who fell in love with Philo during the war.

The two were separated during the turmoil, then,  both of them were reunited five years after the war. It was not a pleasant meeting as she believed, in all these years, Philo had died. Despite their indifferences, the two worked together to fight against a common enemy. 

The season 2 plot will revolve in the continuation of the first season, exploring a much deeper mystery behind the community and The Burgue. The chase of the mystery serial killer has drawn to a close. We can only expect that revelations are just the beginning of a much greater story in the future. 

Carnival Row Season 2: Release Date

Since the first season of the series was released in August 2019, the second season should have been released. But due to the recent crisis of the COVID-19, should there be extra efforts on the production. It will be released in the fourth quarter of 2021. 

However, as of now, there is no information or updates regarding the release of season 2. 

Carnival Row Season 2: Movie Trailer

There are no official movie trailers that have been released for Carnival Row Season 2. 

You can check on the trailer for the first season.

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