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Choosing The Right Driveway Channel Drain

Driveway Channel Drain

Straight drainage strips collect and transport surface water in channel drains. They can be discovered in a variety of areas, including roads, pools, and parking garages. Driveway Channel drains are a good approach to gather water before a problem with drainage arises.

Excessive water in the environment might seep into a basement, causing water harm. Water can also pool around landscaping, causing damage to a home’s façade. Channel drains at E Industrial Engineering are available in three sizes: 5″ wide, 8″ wide, and 12″ wide.

When you locate inexpensive channel drains for $100.00 on Amazon and wonder what the distinctions are between them and the ones that price more, it can be confusing. The point is, whatever you invest now will protect your effort, money, and the hassle of having to redo a project later.

There are low-cost channel drain solutions, but they don’t survive long. The cost of a basic residential kit is around $50.00 per linear foot. A metal grate, end cap, end outlet, and the channel would be included. The cost of channel drain supplies for a 12-foot garage section is approximately $600.00.

Choosing The Right Driveway Channel Drain

The amount of water we require to drain is one of the first factors to consider. Water runoff can be calculated in a variety of ways, both complex and simple. This flowchart can be used to estimate the basic method.

To choose the proper depth, width, and length of the trench drain system, we need to know how much water we’ll have to drain. A 6”, 8”, or 12” broad channel is usually sufficient. If you have modest pooling or drainage concerns, a 6” or 8” wide channel drain would suffice, and if you have severe pooling and drainage concerns, a 12” wide channel drain will suffice.

The Following Factors Must Be Considered While Choosing The Appropriate Channel Drain:

  • The steepness of the ground where the drain channel runs
  • The volume of water that must be gathered
  • What will be flushed down the drain? (cars, people, pets)

Channel Drain Grates

Grates that comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) have holes (slots) that are less than 1” x 1”. Crutches and wheelchairs will not become trapped when passing through the channel drain as a result of this.

Plastic, cast iron, galvanized steel, stainless steel, and bronze are all options for channel drain grates. For pedestrian and light vehicular traffic, plastic is an excellent choice. To extend the mechanical longevity of the grate, most producers incorporate UV inhibitors. Sunlight can wreak havoc on grates and cause them to bend.

The grates that lie on top of driveway channel drains might be supported by frameworks or railings. This prolongs the drain’s life and reduces the likelihood of it shifting or breaking over time. It’s a small extra expenditure today, but it will extend the drain’s life in the long run.


Elegant channel drain grates could be utilized to provide visual appeal to the driveway area. The ornamental grate alternatives are available from Urban Accessories, NDS, and ACO. Grates can also be purchased unpainted, bronzed, or with a baked-on oil finishing for additional style.

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