What Are Jelly Masks Good For? 5 Great Jelly Mask Benefits

5 Great Jelly Mask Benefits

Is your skin looking tired, dull, or dingy? Or have you noticed some new imperfections, like oversized pores or blemishes? Not to worry, a jelly mask might be the solution!

This hot new beauty trend inspired by Korean skincare is taking the market by storm, promising all sorts of big benefits. And, if you haven’t tried them yet, you might be missing out big time.

Not sure if jelly masks might help with your skincare woes? No worries. This is your article.

Keep reading to learn about five big benefits of using these innovative new products, plus help finding your perfect product.

A Jelly Mask for Every Skin Type

Unlike harsh peels, intense facials, and intensive treatments, jelly masks are primarily used to hydrate, soothe, and plump up tired complexions. So, many of them are made with mild ingredients, perfect for sensitive and easy-to-irritate skin. This makes them an ideal part of any beauty regimen, regardless of skin type.

If you’re hoping to treat super dry, chapped, or even irritated skin, try storing your jelly face mask in the fridge. The icy blast you feel while spreading it on will help calm even the most troubled complexion.

Need extra penetrating power? Opt for an overnight jelly mask facial treatment for deeper healing and hydration. These specialized sleeping formulas have a thick enough texture to stay in place all night long.

  • Instantly Hydrate

One of the most obvious benefits of using jelly masks is the instant boost in hydration that you’ll see and feel.

Want to serve your skin a tall, cool glass of water? Be sure that Glycerin is one of your mask’s top ingredients. This beloved humectant, or moisturizer, will help your skin’s outer layer look dewy and fresh.

Other ingredients like hyaluronic acid can help to lock moisture in, creating a powerful barrier between your skin and the outside world.

  • Calm and Soothe Irritated Skin

Whether you’re naturally prone to sensitive skin or the change of seasons has you down, a jelly mask might be your best solution. In addition to their cooling and hydrating properties, most of these products are packed with calming ingredients.

Botanicals like aloe vera and calendula can help naturally restore balance to a troubled complexion. And, for added healing, you can opt for a calamine or rose jelly mask, ideal for neutralizing redness and irritation.

Is your skin stressed out? Nourishing ingredients like watermelon extract, cucumber, and chamomile offer calming effects and reduce inflammation—a perfect option for your post-wax beauty regime.

  • Restore a Youthful Texture

Are your face and neck starting to show signs of aging? Whether it’s crepe paper skin, fine lines, and wrinkles, or even the start of sags and bags, a jelly mask can help you lift and plump up.

For a collagen boost, shop for masks with Vitamin C made from citrus extracts and other natural antioxidants like ginger and turmeric. These ingredients can also help to increase cellular production, fight free radicals, and leave your face looking perfectly plump and filled out.

Jelly face masks charged with superfoods can also help to brighten dull and lackluster skin for a smoother, more radiant complexion.

  • Banish Impurities

If you’re prone to acne or breakouts, don’t despair. There’s even a jelly mask for your skin type!

Natural ingredients like green tea, white willow bark, tea tree oil, and honey can all fight the bacteria that lead to acne – and they won’t dry you out or further clog your pores.

And, believe it or not, added oil could help balance your skin’s natural oil production if you’re prone to breakouts. Options like hemp seed, pomegranate seed, and grape seed can all add moisture without leading to blemishes.

A peel-off option like this Jelly Facial Mask can also help to lift away your skin’s impurities when you remove it, leaving behind clear, bright skin free from blockages and blemishes.

  • Soften and Exfoliate

If your skin seems dull, rough, or just plain old tired, you might need to shed a layer or two. Thankfully, jelly masks make for optimal exfoliators, smoothing your skin’s surface and revealing a perfectly soft finish.

Start by looking for gentle exfoliating ingredients like lactic and glycolic acids and resurfacing AHAs to help lift away dead skin cells, dirt, and debris. Unlike harsh peels, these gentle options are safe for regular use and won’t lead to further irritation. You’ll also want to opt for a product that contains scrubbing natural ingredients like bamboo for double the pore-clearing effects.

Other natural exfoliators like citrus fruit extracts and apricot kernel extracts can help to balance your skin’s natural oil levels, lessening future chances for blemishes and breakouts. Just be sure that you’re scrubbing gently so you don’t accidentally add to the irritation.

Up the Effects

No matter which type of jelly face mask suits you best, there are a few tricks to follow if you want to see the full effects.

For starters, you should always apply your products to a clean, dry face. And, for the most powerful hydration, use your jelly mask at the end of the day, rather than the beginning. This will help to lock moisture in while you sleep!

Lastly, it is absolutely essential to use SPF protection during the day. This will protect your skin from the sun’s damaging rays and help the effects of your jelly mask remain visible for days to come.

Fresh Faced and Fabulous

Now that you know about a few of the awesome benefits of using a jelly mask, you’re probably excited to give it a try. That’s awesome! You’ll be on your way to fresher, healthier-looking skin before you know it.

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