CompTIA Network+ Certification – A Brilliant Step Toward a Perfect Career in Networking


Whether you are proficient, find work or not happy with the job, or maybe you feel you don’t have special skills than your colleagues, if yes, then here you go. You have a brilliant opportunity to improve your abilities and tell the world that you are important, you are a pearl hidden in your organization, you are an asset but what’s this opportunity? It’s all about getting CompTIA + network certification.

Network + is a vendor-neutral certification associated with networks & individuals checked on the ability and experience of its network. Certification CompTIA NetworkPlus is intended for advanced and capable network people in this field. Network Certification-Plus CompTIA is given many meanings globally and the second is also recognized throughout the world.

Certification of CompTIA Network-Plus is about design, managing, configuring, and solving cable and wireless network problems. In candidates for the NetworkPlus certification exam will learn all these skills and the second most important fact is that individuals certified network + in demand throughout the world and a man who has this accreditation can perform better and more greatly in his whole profession and even his future is also safe.

To pass the network + Candidate certification needs to pass the CompTIA exam N10-006. Despite the fact that it is not a prerequisite, but it is recommended that network-plus candidates have at least 9 months of experience in the submitted network, along with A + certification.

CompTIA Network + exam test the ability of network technicians to install, solve problems, support networks, maintain and understand various aspects of network technology, including TCP / IP & OSI models. It also tests network machine information and where they function in relationships with OSI models, network security, network cable installations and network troubleshooting.

Brilliant Step Toward

The CompTIA Network + certification trend has continued to grow step by step and has changed to be more popular in young children and the results were originally presented in 1999 and until now it has received significant success compared to other certifications. It has also been found that all in all 550,000 individuals have completed their certification in Network + and therefore they are able to execute them in their real life by becoming a professional network. Some companies that include Microsoft, Novell, HP and Cisco are people who have used networks in their computer systems and they also create several applications with computer & network technology used in it.

Certification of CompTIA Network + is very important because it provides credibility in the preparation and experience possessed by you in the form of a novice level network technician. Accreditation also helps clients in making a comparison of one’s ability by directly. + Network certification basically facilitates you in moving forward for your pursuit for a brilliant career. It will put you in a superior place in front of people apart from having the same ability because you don’t have certification.

Let’s now jump and talk about why you should take the network + before sitting for your CCNA certification exam.

Network + and Cisco CCNA Of course the test is very similar, because they have a lot of overlapping content, but CCNA requires takers to understand and control more content in preparation for the exam.

For example, CCNA does cover a lot of the same basic network content that is on the CompTIA + network, such as the OSI model and subnetting concept, but CCNA also requires strong knowledge about the Configuration of Cisco devices, which will require test participants to learn dozens of Cisco IOS commands and can Apply it in various scenarios.

  • Network + has a shorter study period

I have taught Cisco CCNA and CompTIA Network + many times over the past five years, and preparation for teaching classes is very similar. What’s different about these two classes is class length.

Most colleges will send network + in a single 45 hour course, but CCNA is always longer, often included in three separate 45 hours courses. This means that a college instructor is three times longer to cover official content from Cisco than from CompTIA.

  • Performance-based questions are easier on network + than CCNA

One fear that many test participants have successfully navigated through performance-based questions, or PBQ, which are included in most TI and Cybersecurity exams.

One network challenge CompTIA + PBQ is that many are multi-step questions, which means that you have to complete two or more tasks to get the correct answer. Many test participants get these questions wrong just by not reading all questions, and thus think they solve questions when they actually still have more.

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