David Adedeji Adeleke Jr.–Bio, Relationship, Career, and Net Worth

David Ifeanyi Adedeji Adeleke Jr

Personal Information

David Ifeanyi Adedeji Adeleke Jr., born on October 31, 2018, brought immense joy to the world as the cherished child of Nigerian music sensation David “Davido” Adeleke and his fiancée, Chioma Rowland. As the offspring of one of Nigeria’s most celebrated musicians, Ify was born into a world of music and fame, destined to carry on his father’s legacy. His arrival marked a new chapter in his parent’s lives, and their affection for their son was evident in their public displays of love and celebration. This young life, filled with the promise of a bright future, was tragically cut short, leaving his parents and family to grieve a loss that transcends words and financial considerations.


David Adedeji Adeleke Jr., affectionately known as Ify, was born to the celebrated Nigerian musician David “Davido” Adeleke and his fiancée, Chioma Rowland. The young child brought joy and love to their lives, becoming a central figure in their family.


Though David Adedeji Adeleke Jr. was only three years old, he held a special place in the hearts of his parents, particularly his father, Davido. As the offspring of one of Nigeria’s most prominent musicians, Ify had an illustrious future ahead of him. Davido, known for his chart-topping hits like “Fall” and “Blow My Mind” featuring Chris Brown, had a deep connection with his son. He celebrated Ify’s third birthday just two weeks before the tragic incident, sharing heartwarming moments on social media. He posted a video of himself teaching his son how to swim, illustrating the love and care he had for his child.

Tragic Loss

On October 31, 2021, the Adeleke family experienced an unimaginable tragedy when young David Adedeji Adeleke Jr. lost his life. The heartbreaking incident took place in the swimming pool of their family residence in Banana Island, Lagos, Nigeria. Both Davido and Chioma Rowland were not present during the incident, but their household staff discovered the unfortunate event. Lagos police spokesman Benjamin Hundeyin confirmed that Ify had drowned around 6 p.m. that day. While some of the household staff were brought in for questioning, the investigation aimed to ascertain the circumstances surrounding his death. The couple, understandably devastated by the loss of their child, was in touch with the police as they navigated this heart-wrenching situation.

The tragedy struck just weeks after Ify’s third birthday, a day filled with love and celebration. Both Davido and Chioma expressed their love and wishes for their beloved son on social media. In one of his posts, Davido prayed for his son’s “perfect health and pure happiness” and expressed his aspirations for Ify to grow even greater than him.

Net Worth

The sources do not provide specific information about the net worth of David Adedeji Adeleke Jr., given his very young age. His father, Davido, is a highly successful musician and one of Nigeria’s wealthiest entertainers, with an estimated net worth in the millions. It’s important to note that the tragic loss of a child transcends financial considerations, as the emotional impact is immeasurable.

In conclusion, the untimely passing of David Adedeji Adeleke Jr., affectionately known as Ify, is a deeply saddening event that has left his parents and family in mourning. As the son of Nigerian music icon Davido and his fiancée Chioma Rowland, Ify held the promise of a bright future. His short life and the love he shared with his family will forever be remembered and cherished, and his tragic loss serves as a reminder of the fragility of life.



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