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The Best City in Turkey to Buy Property

The Best City in Turkey to Buy Property

The demand for belongings in Turkey is consistently high. In practically every city there are enquiries from both locals and outsiders. Considering different regions, including monitoring  property in Gulluk, consumers are peeking for the most appealing regions. They are oriented by different indicators (cost of housing, demand for rent, proximity to resorts and tourist centers, etc.). However, not everyone can independently determine the best city in Turkey to buy property. We are ready to assist with this.

Guiding cities to buy property in Turkey

Turkey is quite a big country and there are many gorgeous locales in it. Each medium-sized city has a good conveyance interchange, many prospects for business, and a restful life. Determining which city is best for investment property in Turkey is not so easy. Our analysts distinguish the subsequent municipalities based on regular applications for belongings purchase:

  • Istanbul;
  • Alanya;
  • Antalya;
  • Ankara;
  • Izmir.

Believing a parcel in any of these cities will bring you a good income. Let’s look in detail at the reasons for the popularity of each of them.


Istanbul is deservedly at the top of the best cities to buy property in Turkey. It is the most considerable municipality with belonging suggestions. It is also the first place where sightseers, investors, and students go. There are many residential and non-residential belongings for different categories of people. It is quite logical that Istanbul attracts all categories of citizens.

Istanbul has a devised infrastructure and many residences for recreation. The existence of students and the flow of tourists means an influx of stable tenants. Therefore, housing in Istanbul is not cheap by Turkish standards. However, regular customers are ready to rent property all year round, which is not the case in resort areas. This is a fantastic locale to buy possessions.


An excellent resort region with incredible recreational resources. Everything is created here for a comfortable holiday. Therefore, the flow of tourists here is quite large. 9 months of the year all hotels and rented apartments are occupied by guests.

Rental offers are also quite a lot. Here you can rent both luxury apartments and appropriation accommodation for every taste. the most popular are residencies and villas with comfy essentials in the price category above average.

This place is flawless for buying property for rent to tourists. This will bring a steady income to the investor and the opportunity to enjoy nature in the rare moments of absence of visitors.


Antalya puts forward many property offers for clients. It is second only to Istanbul. It is a place of concentration of investors from Europe. Especially often buy property from German citizens. Also, those who want to start a business in the sphere of suggestions to visitors make deals here. There are many markets with different goods and good natural resources.

At the same time, the cost of housing is not very expensive (although more expensive than in some regions). Having a property in Antalya will guarantee you an influx of requests for its rental and will fill your pockets.


Undoubtedly, the Turkish capital regularly entices tourists and financial flows. It is the economic and industrial center of the land. There are many different types of businesses here, so not only residential but also non-residential property is bought.

For investors, this is a wonderful location. Let Ankara is inferior to Antalya and Istanbul in terms of the numeral of applications for the purchase of belongings, but it is also a great investment. Here you can find housing of any price category.


A very large metropolis where the number of property purchase requests is regularly advancing. Because of this, there are more and more belongings offered in the province. It is a large business center in the country, which outstrips even Ankara in terms of trade volume.

In addition to the large numeral of businesses, the nature here is incredible. This metropolis is very beautiful and deserves positive reviews from tourists.

Who will help to choose a city in Turkey to buy property

As you can see, there are quite a lot of cities in Turkey, where you can buy possessions. Our analysts have highlighted only the largest cities and most investors know about them. However, we are experts in our business and are ready to offer you comprehended provinces with great potential and possibilities for development.

Our company is ready to help clients in the selection and purchase of perfects. We will present alternatives for any price category and with our help, you will find the apartment of your dreams. Please contact our managers in any convenient way for consultation.

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