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Debra Denise Winans

Debra Denise Winans is best known to the entire realm because of her ex-husband named BeBe Winans. He is a well-known singer from America. Although both of them are not together, still people wanted to know about Debra through his husband.

From the title of the article, it’s quite clear that the blog will convey a precise idea about Debra Denise Winans. However, along with her, a few lines will also be added about him to enhance the prominence of Debra Denise Winans.

Personal Life

From the above paragraph, it is known that Debra is BeBe Winans’ ex-wife. Before their divorce, she never caught the eyes of the audience or the media. But when BeBe was behind bars because of a physical incursion on Debra, her presence was highlighted. Debra filed a case against BeBe on 11th March 2009, for pushing her to the ground. However, their kids spoke against their father and explained how he pushed her mother during an argument. However, later on, that year in December the charges against him were terminated.

After this entire scenario, Debra never explained her past or early life. That’s why it’s not possible to gather much information about Debra.

Debra’s Husband And His Net Worth

Benjamin Winans is an American R&B and gospel singer who is professionally known as BeBe. He was born on 17th September 1962 in Detroit, Michigan, the U.S. In the initial days of his career he came up with his sister CeCe in several albums. However, the brother and sister duo have come up with almost five albums together. Such albums are BeBe & CeCe Winans, Heaven, Different Lifestyles, First Christmas and Relationships. However, later he thought of appearing as a solo artist and split with his sister in 1995.

In 1997 BeBe appeared as a solo artist in front of the world and procured albums like “In Harms’ Way”, “Thank You”, “I Wanna Be the Only One” and so on. His songs were so popular that they hit the top chart singles. Meanwhile, he also came up with his production label named The Movement Group, with a partnership deal with Still Waters. Apart from being a good actor, he is also considered an incredible writer too. In July 2012 he came up with his book named The Whitney I Knew under Worthy Publishing.

BeBe had lots of ups and downs in his life. Before engaging in legal issues with his ex-wife, he filed suit against his manager named Eric Peterson. BeBe expressed that Eric is into various illegal duties and contravention of certain contracts which had led to numerous troubles in his life.

According to sources, BeBe Winans has a net worth of approximately 4.5 million dollars.

Debra Denise Winans’ Net Worth

As her source of income is not prominently known to anyone. So it’s quite difficult to speak up about her net worth.


The harsh lines between Debra Denise Winans and BeBe Winans helped her to be in the spotlight. However, she never expressed much about how their relationship went during that period until their separation. Hopefully, this much information about Debra Denise Winans must be enough for the audience to know about her.

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