Detailing Your Car: How Often is Often Enough?

Detailing Your Car

Our vehicles are a reflection of ourselves: our style, tastes, and how we want the world to perceive us. A shiny, well-detailed car tells those around you that you take care of yourself and care about looking your best, both in and out of the driver’s seat.

Still, just how regularly should you have that detailing done? When is it too much and when is it not enough?

While the general consensus is to have your car detailed every four to six months, which can include not just the exterior and main driving area but items like wheels and the engine, three factors should be your primary influencers here: lifestyle, personal style, and cost.


Lifestyle is about how active you are what you do with your vehicle:

  • Do you take your car out frequently?
  • Do you travel through harsh weather?
  • Park it under tree branches with lots of leaves and dust?

This determines just what your car’s regular condition is and how often it may get dirty.


Personal style is all about how you want to present yourself:

  • Are you an enthusiast looking to show yourself at the top of your game at all times?
  • Or are you the more casual type who likes their car looking good but are more laid back about it?

This is all about just how often you want to have it cleaned thoroughly.


Finally, the cost comes into play.

  • What value do you place on keeping your car looking its best at all times?
  • Is it something you have the budget to allocate towards two to three times a year?

Answer these questions and you can build a better picture for yourself just how often should have your car detailed.

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