The Dragon Prince Season 4: Characters, Cast, Plot, Release Date, and Latest Updates Unveiled



The Dragon Prince is a fantasy-comedy animated series. It is the creation of renowned animators Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond.  The series is under Wonderstorm Production and is co-produced by Bardel Entertainment.

Villad Spangsberg is the main director of the series. Aaron Ehasz, together with Justin Richmon and Devon Giehl are just some of the writers in the series. Iain Hendry and Neil Mukhopadhyay are also part of the group.

The Dragon Prince aired first in September of 2018 on Netflix. PGS Entertainment and Netflix are the official series distributors. The series currently has three seasons comprising twenty-seven parts. Each episode has a twenty-seven-minute running time. The series became a favorite among viewers and got much positive feedback even from critics.

The Dragon Prince Cast

Jack de Sena 

He is the voice of Prince Callum and is well-known as the voice of Sokka on Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Sasha Rojen

She is a thirteen-year-old Ukrainian/Trinidadian voice artist from Vancouver. She is the voice of Prince Ezran in the series. Sasha is also a gymnast and has appeared in various commercials and print advertisements.

Paula Burrows

Paula Burrows is the voice of Rayla. She is a graduate of Langara College Film Arts, and she is currently based in Vancouver, Canada.

Luc Roderique

Luc is the voice of King Harrow in the series. He is also based in Canada like Sasha Rojen and Paula Burrows.

Racquel Belmonte

She is the voice of Claudia in ‘The Dragon Prince.’ Racquel is not just a voice artist, but she is also a comedian and a writer. 

Jesse Inocalla

Jesse voices Soren in the series. He is also a producer with broad experience in the entertainment business. He also garnered several awards for his craft.

Jason Simpson

Jason Simpson voices Viren. He is a professional film and television voice-over actor. Jason is also a voice-over coach who specializes in character development, acting styles, and audition preparations.

Jonathan Holmes

Jonathan is a Canada based British ctor. He focuses on film and television voicing. He was also part of the ‘Big Fat Giant’ movie and is currently seen as William Barry in ‘Anne with an E.’

Erik Todd Dellums

He is the voice of Aaravos. Erik was known for his exemplary performance as Koh om Avatar: The Last Airbender.


For Season 4, Jack De Sena will return as the lead voice for Callum. Sasha Rojen and Paula Burrows will also remain to lend voices to characters’ Ezran and Rayla.

Erik Dellums will still be the voice actor for Aaravos. Jesse Inocalla will be back to lend her voice to Soren. Jason Simpson and Racquel Belmonte still voice Viren and Claudia. Fans are wishing for new characters to join in Season 4.


Season four will revolve around the rescue of the Dragon Prince from magician Viren. In the latest season, it will also show how the Prince returned to the Queen of Xadia. The Elves battle against humans to revenge for the death of the Dragon King. Rayla, Ezran, and Will fight hand in hand to end the war.

The season also focuses on the journey of restoring the peace in Xadia. Fans will find out if Xadia will then become friends with humans once again. Fans should also watch out for the defeat of Viren and his dark magic.

The season continues with an epic war when Viren resurrects from the dead. The six vital parts of Viren’s dark magic still plays a lot in this season.


Netflix Original Series renews and confirms the production of the rest of ‘The Dragon Prince’ series.

With this, Bardel Entertainment Inc. announced that they would continue to co-produce the series. Wonderstorm Productions also confirms a go signal for co-producing with Bardel Entertainment. Wonderstorm and Bardel have been collaborating from the early development of the season.

The Dragon Prince Season 4 Release Date

After the premiere of Season 3 in November 2019, fans are eager for the next season. Fans are curious about what season 4 is all about. Netflix heard and gave in to the fans’ wishes.

The media-service provider hinted that ‘The Dragon Prince Season 4′ will premier in May 2020. A lot of the binge-watchers expected it to air last May, but the odds were not on the series’ side.

Even the trailer for the season was unfortunately not released last May. The official release date is still to be confirmed by the producers. You can check Netflix for new updates and the latest news about the series. 

With the coronavirus becoming a pandemic currently emerging in the world, the series is greatly affected.

The virus has made a serious impact on the production of the series. The global entertainment industry is facing a financial loss as a result of the crisis. Critics are looking at the possibility that ‘The Dragon Prince Season 4’ will not air until late 2021 due to the pandemic.

Through the Moon: The Dragon Prince – Graphic Novel

Inspired by ‘The Dragon Prince’ its first graphic novel ‘Through the Moon’ came to reality. The setting of the novel tackles the happenings between Book Three and Book Four of the series.

Through the Moon is available in various online stores. You may buy a copy from Amazon as a Kindle. You can also get it in paperback form or with a hardcover.

The graphic novel features 128 pages. Peter Wartman, the Author, is happy about the release of Through the Moon. Fans also commended the exemplary illustrations by the Illustrator, Xanthe Bouma. The novel was published in October 2020 under Graphix Media.

The book reveals various trivia for the fans. First, Tristan’s challenger in the episode ‘The Dagger and the Wolf’ is Allen.

Allen and Lujanne are also revealed as couples in the book. In the movie series, Rayla leaves Callum one morning. From the book, it is revealed that it was Callum’s 15th birthday that day.

The graphic novel ranked 11th on the leaderboard of November 2020 as a  New York Times Bestseller.

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