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This article focused on those people that have opted for insurance. If you are driving without insurance, we request you to opt for it right away. Remember, car insurance in the UAE is mandatory, just like most other countries. If you are caught driving without insurance, you are liable for a hefty fine.

Moving on, we are confident that most people already know about the benefits of car insurance. However, we feel that there is a knowledge gap when it comes to the types of compensation a person is entitled to when filing a claim. That is precisely what we are going to talk about in today’s post.

Please note that you are not eligible for all the types that we will discuss below. The type of compensation one is entitled to depends on the insurance policy. Therefore, kindly check in with your policy or insurance provider to know which types of compensation you can claim in the event of an accident.

1. Car Repair

Once the relevant authorities establish that you are not at fault, you can claim the costs incurred for repairing the vehicle from the other party. In case it is your fault, your insurance provider will cover the damages. Please read our article on what is insurance excess to know more about the maximum amount the insurance provider will pay.

2. Medical Expenses

If you are injured in the collision, you can file a claim for medical expenses. Most insurance providers have put a maximum limit on the amount that they pay for medical expenses.

That amount is dependent on the type of insurance policy and various other factors. Medical expenses are not confined to medication or hospital stay costs. If the injuries require long-term physical therapy or hospital visits, the insurance company might also cover them.

3. Property Damage

During the collision, if a property is damaged, you can also claim damages for them. During a crash, it is common to hit a fence or a building front. That’s why insurance providers are now covering property damages in their plans. Again, whether you are entitled to property damage is dependent on your policy.


4. Loss of Earnings

In a collision, some injuries are so severe that they prevent you from returning to work. In such situations, you can claim loss of earnings. Not all insurance providers provide of loss of earnings coverage. Therefore, you must check in with your provider to see if you are subscribed to it.

5. Emergency Road Service

At times, the vehicle becomes undrivable after a collision. It can be due to a tire burst, oil leak, or any other reason. In such situations, you may be entitled to emergency road services.

They can provide onsite repair service or tow your car to the nearest workshop. If your insurance provider does not offer this type of cover, you can always avail PitStop-Arabia’s emergency road services.

Wrap Up

This concludes our post. Kindly note that the article does not cover all the types of compensation. The purpose of this article is to give the reader an idea about the different types of compensation offered by insurance companies in the UAE and abroad. If you have questions regarding your insurance policy, kindly check in with your provider. Thank You.


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