Embracing the Sunshine: Top 4 Benefits of Living in Florida


You’ve probably heard or read that Florida has become more expensive than it used to be. Miami renters, in particular, feel the brunt of higher rents, rising food costs, and increases in expenses such as commuting, utilities, etc.

So, does that mean you should forget about moving to Florida? Not quite. You just have to be more selective when evaluating Florida neighborhoods.

Besides, if you consider the benefits of living in Florida, the advantages still outweigh the cons. Speaking of benefits, here are four that might make you call Florida moving companies earlier than planned.

1. It’s Easy to Find a Job

Beyond warm weather and beautiful beaches, one of the best reasons to move to Florida is the growing job market. There’s no dearth of job opportunities, considering the state’s GDP.

With an economy like that, of course, they’ll need workers, especially in aviation, financial services, manufacturing, tourism, etc. Florida isn’t only good for employees but also for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start their own companies.

2. You Can Save Money on Taxes

Florida is one of the nine states in the US that doesn’t have an income tax. That means you get to keep more of your hard-earned money, of which you can use for necessities, vacations, and so on.

However, do note that sales and excise taxes are above the national average in the Sunshine State. Florida also imposes over 5% corporate income tax, exempting LLCs, sole proprietorships, and S corporations.

3. Florida’s Cost of Living Is Right at the National Average

If you’re a New Yorker living in Manhattan, for example, you know that the cost of living is pretty high compared to other states. That’s why moving from New York to Florida might be the best decision for some people.

Keep in mind that the cost of living index takes into account housing, food, transportation, healthcare, etc. If you relocate to Florida, there’s no doubt your dollar will go much further than in New York or California.

Remember to do your research. Things like, “How much money do I need to live comfortably in Florida?” or “How to ship a car from NY to Florida” are worth knowing in advance so you can prepare for your big move better.

4. Other Benefits of Living in Florida

Four isn’t nearly enough to explain the advantages of living in the Sunshine State. To give you a glimpse, though, it’s not surprising to find your Florida community welcoming since the state is one of the greatest melting pots in the US.

As a local, you’ll find the lifestyle more chill and casual. There’s also an abundance of attractions (indoors and outdoors), so planning a quick getaway is super easy. Food and drink are also worth raving about, as is the sports culture.

A Great Place to Live, Work, and Play

Now that you know some of the benefits of living in Florida, do you find yourself wanting to move there immediately? Perhaps you didn’t have such a good impression of the state and are reevaluating your opinion of Florida.

Regardless of what you think of the Sunshine State, there’s no denying it’s a nice place to live. For more information on moving to Florida, check out our other posts.

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