Enhance the beauty of your outdoor living space with wicker patio furniture


For some people, an outdoor living space is more than just tables, chairs, and BBQ. Decorating your patio area with aesthetic and functional  furniture and spending some quality time with family and friends is a great joy.

There are many little things to be taken into consideration when designing or making over your patio area. Color, material, weather-condition, space requirements are some important factors to be noted. A popular option is a comfortable inflatable sofa because it’s quick to move and clean wherever needed.

When talking about the material, Wicker patio furniture is so much in trend nowadays. Contrary to popular belief, wicker is not a material, but a method of weaving used to create products such as furniture. There are several materials used for its weaving such as;

Rattan- This type of material is used in wicker for creating indoor furniture, due to its sensitivity to the sun.

Synthetic resin- It is a type of material used for outdoor furniture, as this material is more resistant than rattan.

Wicker patio furniture isn’t new in the market, it has been always in style and timeless. When you shop for outdoor furniture, consider wicker patio furniture as a less expensive option than any other choice. It’s also durable and affordable.

Here are a few reasons why you should buy wicker patio furniture


  • Durability

Almost wicker furniture is woven from synthetic resin. This synthetic is extremely dense, strong, and weather-resistant. It doesn’t fade quickly, hence it can be used for a longer period in your outdoor area.

  • Comfort

Furniture for the patio area, you cannot compromise on comfort as the patio is the area where you feel most relaxed. Maybe cushions on a wicker furniture chair or an inflatable camping sofa would add extra comfort.

  • Flexibility

Another great quality of outdoor wicker furniture is that they are light in weight. You can move it easily from one place to another like during rains you can shift it to indoors. You can also mix and match outdoor and indoor furniture.

  • Price

Wicker patio furniture varies greatly for price. You should not opt for too expensive and not too cheap furniture sets. There are price ranges available for wicker patio furniture that are affordable and fit your budget.

  • Style

Wicker patio furniture has been in the market for ages, hence there are traditional as well as modern designs for it and you can choose it according to your theme.

How to clean and maintain wicker patio furniture?

Though patio furniture adds beauty to your home, cleaning and its maintenance is something important to deal with. However, this material is easy to maintain but its timely cleaning is very necessary.

How to clean and maintain wicker patio furniture

Here are a few tips on how to clean and maintain your patio furniture;

  • Vacuum clean the different pieces thoroughly to remove dust and debris. Tiny dust particles can easily get stuck up into cracks and grooves of the weave.
  • If it is extra dirty give them a quick wipe with detergent and then with plain water and let it dry in the sun for a day. As a little wet wicker furniture can become saggy if it is used and not dried properly.
  • Another easy way of cleaning it is to spray it down with a garden hose. But make sure you do not use it with high pressure as it can damage the integrity of the furniture set.
  • To prevent any dirt or damage, consider it storing indoors during cold weather to prevent the build-up of winter precipitation and debris.

If you are planning to buy any kind of patio furniture, you can take a look at web page of shop4patio, as their collection comes in different types of weaving, a wide variety of cushion covers to ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for to bring elegance and beauty to your patio!

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