Essential Tips to Take Better Care of Your Toddler’s Hair

Take Better Care of Your Toddler's Hair

If you are a new mom and worried because of your baby’s hair problem then it’s high time you keep your issues aside. Your infant may have been born with a head full of hair or maybe less, with time hair grows in the right pattern and keeps growing for life. Along with the skin, looking after the baby’s hair is equally important.

As new parents, the greatest joy is to see your newly born infant’s new look as to what color eyes they have, their soft skin and what hair color they inherit from them. When it comes to the newborn’s hair, each toddler is different. Some are born with thick hair while few inherit fine textured mane. Well, there’s nothing uncommon! If you are looking for how to take better care of your child’s hair, here’s what you need to know.

Effective Tips to Stimulate Baby’s Hair Growth

Effective Tips to Stimulate Baby’s Hair Growth

Shampooing Regularly 

For all those parents who are experiencing the joy of parenthood for the first time, there’s nothing to be scared of, while washing the baby’s hair. Just like any other human hair, the hair of babies also attracts dust, dandruff, and other dirt particles making it look greasy and oily. And that’s why regularly shampooing their hair keeps it soft, clean and healthy.

Once the baby is out of the newborn phase, you can wash his or her hair every 2 or 3 days and keep the hair strands away from becoming brittle and rough. Always use a mild chemical-free shampoo and lukewarm water as their skin and hair are sensitive during the first few years.

Shampooing Regularly

Brush their Hair Regularly 

One common hair problem in every newborn is developing cradle crap. If your baby is suffering from really bad dandruff then he/she is likely to be suffering from cradle crap. This issue is quite common, treatable and occurs due to the overproduction of sebum. Due to this, the scalp develops flaky skin which is either white or yellow.

The best solution to combat this hair concern is to wash hair daily and brush the scalp using Baby Hair Brush. These premium quality brushes are designed with soft bristles that don’t hurt the delicate scalp of the babies and help to loosen the cradle crap and remove the dry skin.

Oiling the Hair 

Massaging your little one’s body and hair with oil regularly is a great way to bond and feel good to be connected with your child. In addition to that, it also nourishes and helps to keep the skin and hair strong and healthy. You can use coconut oil to apply on the scalp and all over the body of the baby to improvise blood circulation, keep the skin soft and also helps in getting them peaceful sleep. Apply the oil in the only required amount, massage in a circular motion with gentle hands and without applying too much pressure.

Get their Head Shaved 

We all have gone bald in our childhood at least once which counts as another fond memory from childhood. The main reason behind getting the original hair of babies cut was to pave way for freshly grown hair that is healthy and strong.

The growth cycle of a baby’s first hair is very irregular and to cope with that, you need to get their head shaved. After this, the process of hair growth becomes easy and consistent. There are a lot of religious practices as well where the baby’s hair is cut in the first 2 years after birth for inducing better hair growth.

Choose the Right Product for Baby’s Hair

Choose the Right Product for Baby’s Hair

While shopping for a baby’s products always read the product details and consult the pediatrician before using any shampoo or moisturizer. The skin of babies is really sensitive and different from adults hence you can’t use the products which grown-ups use like unisex hair brush. Products for babies like shampoo, cream or brushes are specially designed keeping their skin sensitivity in mind. Prefer only tearless shampoo to wash their hair as it does not cause any inflammation in their eyes or tears trickling down the cheeks.

The hair growth pattern of babies is irregular and differs from child to child. However, by keeping the following tips in mind, you can give their hair the right care.

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