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You may have heard the term full stack if you are on tech forums. However, you may wonder what it means and why it is essential in software development. Full stack refers to the technologies and skills that software developers require for specific projects such as websites, software, and mobile Apps.

That said, full stack developers are in high demand, mainly because they have the knowledge and skills to understand the entire software development’s set of technologies and tools. Read on to understand the term full stack and why it is pivotal in increasing demand for full stack developers.

What is Full Stack?

Some software developer specializes in one type of development. As a result, we have front and back-end developers. However, software developers use the term full stack to refer to development incorporating server-side and client-side frameworks. Those specializing in a full stack have the skills and knowledge to complete individual mobile, Web, or software-specific stacks from start to finish.

What is A Full stack Developer?

Typically, a full stack developer has functional knowledge of the entire software development cycle. Though fundamental, their knowledge allows them to understand all system engineering concepts, programming languages, and software development techniques. Platforms, applications, and website development projects require two fundamental parts: Front end (client side) and Back end (server side) — tasks combined by a full stack developer. As a result, they can navigate any software development environment and work with unique frameworks, libraries, and tools. Full stack developers’ primary responsibilities include:

  • To use their extensive knowledge and help choose the right technology for software development and testing on back-end and front-end
  • Troubleshoot any problems that may arise at any stage of development
  • Fix bugs, update components, and maintain the existing infrastructure
  • Manage services and databases
  • Editing tools to keep up with emerging technology
  • Coding for functionality
  • Design and develops front-end and back-end features.

Skills Required in Full Stack

Although full stack developers have the skills to handle a project independently, full stack development aims to equip them with enough knowledge to identify and fill demand gaps when needed. Successful full stack developers possess the following skills and expertise in all layers and stages of software development:

  • Proficiency in Programming languages: Full stack developers are proficient in multiple languages. Most projects often require more than languages. Therefore, ability in languages such as Java, Python, JavaScript, and C# allows full stack developers to work with different language structures and patterns.
  • Knowledge of third-party libraries and software development frameworks
  • Proficiency in front-end technologies: Full stack developers require fluency with front-end languages such as HTML and CSS. The working knowledge of fundamental design principles and user interfaces to improve front-end user experience.
  • Fluency with back-end technologies: Full stack requires foundational skills in programming languages such as SQL and python to develop and maintain the product’s underlying architecture.
  • Have foundational experience with hosting environments, networks, and servers. Besides, full-stack developers require experience with APIs to work with different language structures and development frameworks.
  • Expertise in data modeling, business intelligence, quality assurance, and customer service
  • Expert knowledge of popular stacks: A full stack developer must understand the technology stacks they will use for various projects. Popular stacks they should know include MEAN stack, LAMP stack, LEMP stack, Ruby, and Django stack.

Nearshore Software Development in Full Stack Development

Many organizations hire full stack developers to work with the internal employees and train them. The main advantage of hiring a full stack is getting a professional with a wide range of skills and knowledge. For this reason, full stack developers have become popular in a startup environment where a wide range of expertise is necessary. Most US-based businesses are working with nearshore software development companies to access a pool of English proficient full stack developers at a lower cost.

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