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Garage Door Repair: What You Need to Know


This year, there has been a 1.9% growth in garage door installation in the United States. If you are dealing with a garage door problem, replacement is not always necessary. In most cases, you’ll just need a garage door repair.

Read on to learn the signs that your garage door needs to be looked at with an expert eye.

Door Doesn’t Open or Close

An obvious sign you need a garage door repair is when it doesn’t open or close with the control buttons. First, you should rule out a bad connection between the door and the control panel.

Before calling in the professionals, test your garage door again but make sure nothing is blocking it. If the door still refuses to budge, you may be suffering a garage door defect or have a jammed garage door.

Slow Response Time

If the garage door takes longer than usual to respond to garage door opener commands, you should consider getting an inspection.

A slow response time is when the door doesn’t open or close within a second or two after pressing the opener. A well-working garage door will always open smoothly without delay.

If you observe a delay of any kind, it could indicate that you have a broken garage door.

Sagging Sections

At least once a year, you should check and test the balance of the garage door. To do this, disconnect the opener from the door and manually open it to the halfway point.

If the door rises or falls, there could be something wrong with the tension spring. You should not attempt to repair garage door components that you aren’t familiar with.  This would be a good time to call in the experts.

Another indicator that something is wrong with the spring is when the door is making an excessive amount of noise. This can happen when garage door maintenance is not taken into account.

The Door Is Off Track

A garage door coming off of the tracks placed on the side of the door is not a good sign. If this happens, it is because the door is in bad condition or has been damaged.

There may be key parts of the garage that need replacing or repairs. You’ll need a professional eye to get it working properly again.

Increased Energy Bills

You may be noticing increased energy bills and your garage door may be the culprit. Because there are so many reasons for an increased energy bill, it could be hard to tell.

However, if you have an old garage door, increased energy bills are likely the effect. Although this doesn’t need an immediate repair, you could save money in the long run by upgrading to a newer model with more efficiency.

Do You Need a Garage Door Repair?

A garage door can last for years to come if you work on proper maintenance and get it inspected when necessary. If you avoid an instance where you may need a repair, you’ll be looking at a costly replacement down the line instead.

If you are dealing with any of the above issues, you should hire a professional for garage door repair such as “garage door repair newton ma” right away. Don’t attempt to handle the components on your own as this can be dangerous.

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