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If you love grooving on rap songs, then it is impossible to overlook American rapper-singer and songwriter, Gunna. He rose to fame with his partnership with other well-known rappers. Gunna signed a contract deal with three major record labels including 300 Entertainment. 

He rose to fame with Drip or Drown 2, his first studio album, that came two years back in February. He made a follow up with American music chart hitter, Wunna, last year (2020). If you seem interested in knowing about his life, career, annual earning, etc, then keep reading the article till the end. 

Personal Details 

Full Name:Sergio Giavanni Kitchens Malungo
Stage Name:Gunna
Birthday:14 June 1993
Place Of Origin:College Park, Georgia, U.S
Age:27 years old
Height:1.78 m
Weight:70 kg
Sexual orientation: Straight
Spouse:Not known
Profession:Rapper, singer, and songwriter
Total Net Worth:$4 Million

How much Gunna's Net Worth

Early Life

Gunna is June-born during the 90s decade in the United States. Not much is known about his father, as his mother took the onus of upbringing of him and his siblings. Sharing the same profession makes two artists become friends with each other. One such example is the friendship of Gunna with another rapper from America, Lil Baby. 

There is always someone to whom you see and get inspired with him/her. The same is the case with Gunna, who grew up watching well-known rappers including Future and Outkast. He did his schooling at a reputed American high school. Eight years ago, Gunna launched Hard Body, a mixtape with his name Yung Gunna.


Gunna is very young at twenty-seven age, as per his date of birth. He stands at five feet eight inches, weighing around 70 kg. 

Personal Life

There is no such update about Gunna’s relationship with any girl or any other artist. So all you can know is about his career. In short, he earns a passive income from his business, videos on YouTube, selling music, and businesses. There are more than 40,000 followers of rapper Gunna on an online audio distribution platform. 

Also, his monthly listeners range to more than 15 million on the audio streaming and media service provider. You will find more than 834,000 subscriptions and a million viewership. The American rapper is also active on social media platforms including Instagram.


At a very tender age, Gunna was much inclined to rapping. Although, at that, he did this for a hobby, little did he know it will fetch him worldwide fame. He debuted with Hard Body, his first mixtape that came eight years ago in June. 

It comprised songs like Faded, and the other two. Someone known to Gunna got him introduced to a rapper from Atlanta, way back in 2016. Soon they had a good bonding with each other and began with the creation of music. 

The rapper from Atlanta with whom Gunna made a good partnership is Young Thug. He along with the latter rapper, featured in Floyd Mayweather, a single album with other two rappers. The song became a hit on American music charts. In 2016, it also got featured on Jeffery’s mixtape. 

In the same year, Gunna was part of the record label company of Young Thug and took his initial project Drip Season that came in October. The album included appearances of well-known musicians as guests. Then in the following year, another series of this album came with songs including Phase and another song featuring Playboi Carti. Other rappers too made appearances in the album. 

In 2017, Drip or Down came as the first extended play of Gunna with record producer Wheezy in November. The song included Dodge the Hate, and another Young Thug featured song. In the following year (2018) Drip Season 3 came in. It came in the top charts of American musical chart albums of rap. Those who were behind the production of this tape including Wheezy and the other two. 


In the current years, Gunna has garnered many likings among his followers for his music ventures. But till now, he has not received any special award in music. However, that does not put up the question mark on his talent of rap-singing as well as his ongoing fame with every single song he comes up with. 

As mentioned above, Gunna made a special bonding with Young Thug and together featured Floyd Mayweather. The song topped on musical charts in America. Another mixtape of Gunna Drip Season 3 had a song that also topped the Billboard musical and rap charts in America. 

It hardly matters if he has not become the recipient of any special music award. He is too young to achieve more in his career. And who knows, he might get the award for his constant dedication to music. 


Apart from gaining success in the musical field, American rapper Gunna did fall into controversies. A rapper hailing from the capital of Louisiana stated a fact about Gunna’s involvement with police giving updates on criminals of his appearance in a crime-genre television series. Gunna was also accused of stealing the brand of his apparel business. 

Arrest Over Marijuana

Three years back in June, American rapper Gunna along with DJ went to South Central United States for a performance. They got confused in reaching the correct destination. Then American rapper with his record producer requested the police to guide them to the correct way.

When a police official traveled in their car, he felt the smell of cannabis. When he searched he found a box of it. And he arrested them both. However, after the payment of the bond, they got released.

Net Worth Of Gunna

According to 2021, $4 million is known to be the estimated net worth of American rapper Gunna. He has earned his wealth through his music feats, selling music, mixtape, show features, YouTube, and marketing of his business.

In short, he earns a passive income from his business, videos on YouTube, selling music, and businesses. There are many followers of rapper Gunna on an online audio distribution platform. 

Also, his monthly listeners range to more than a million on the audio streaming and media service provider. You will find maximum subscriptions and viewership in millions. The American rapper is also active on one of the social media platforms.

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