Justin Bieber’s Net Worth, How Much Is Justin Bieber Worth

Justin Beiber net worth

Justin Bieber is a name that brings nostalgia to every 90s kid who pursued pop culture to look “Cool”. Justin Bieber is the conqueror of so many hearts. From “Baby” that came in the year 2010 to “Anyone” that came in 2021, Bieber has had a discography like no other. Every “Justin fan” was a staunch advocate for “Jelena”. It was amongst the most sought after celeb relationships.

Personal Details :

Full Name:Justin Drew Bieber
Stage Name:Justin Bieber
Birthday:1 March 1994
Place Of Origin: London, Ontario, Canada
Age:26 years old
Height:1.75 m
Weight:70 kgs
Sexual orientation: Straight
Spouse: Hailey Baldwin (2018)
Profession:  Singer, Musician
Total Net Worth:$265 Million

How much Justin Beiber net worth

Early life

Justin Drew Bieber was born on the 1st of March, 1994, to Jeremy Bieber and Pattie Mallette in Ontario, Canada. Bieber’s parents weren’t married when they had him. The couple separated a few years after his birth. Therefore, Justin was brought up in Stanford, by his mother Pattie Mallette and her parents. It was a low income household, where Pattie was employed in several low wage jobs, to make a living.

He went to the Jeanne Sauvé Catholic School and learnt several music instruments including drums, trumpet, guitar and piano. He enjoyed singing most R&B songs. Once his mother recorded him singing “So sick” by Ne-Yo, and uploaded the video on the internet. 

The video got a lot of views and the youtube channel became quite famous. Later, several more videos were uploaded of a young Bieber singing his favourite songs. When the season for tourism arrived, Bieber would rent a guitar and perform in front of the “Avon Theatre”.

Personal life

Justin has always been on the forefront to express his love for his motherland. He is a Canadian and unlike most celebrities, has never tried to become an American citizen on the papers. He lives in America on an O-1 visa. It is only provided to those who perform extraordinarily in a field.

However, there were rumours that Justin might apply for a American citizenship, post his marriage to Hailey Baldwin. Well, Justin came forward defying all rumours and asserting his love for his country and said that Canada is the best country in the world, given its government funded healthcare system. Justin Bieber was into a long term relationship with Singer and actress Selena Gomez. They were one of the most loved couples in the world. However, in the year 2018, they finally separated.

In the same year, Justin exchanged rings with his girlfriend then, whom he had briefly dated for a month or so during the year 2015. The couple registered for a civil marriage in the year 2018 and finally in the year 2019, they performed the rituals in an official ceremony that involved their near and dear ones.


One of the youngest and the most stylish pop stars alive, Justin Bieber is a brand in himself. He is 1.75 m tall and weighs 70 kgs. He has blonde hair and light brown eyes.


In the year 2007, the marketing executive of So So Def recordings discovered Justin on YouTube. He was so impressed by his singing that he contacted his mother and requested her if he could take him to Atlanta.

Bieber’s mother wasn’t quite sure if she wanted to send him with a jewish man. However, she was convinced by her family and friends and Justin went to Georgia at 13. He had started singing for usher and sometimes later, for the Raymond Braun media group too.

It is said that Justin Timberlake also wanted to work with Justin but couldn’t because Usher believed that their same names would create a confusion for the public. In 2008, Justin Bieber was signed by L.A. Reid for Island records. Justin’s first single was “One time” that was played on the radio for the first time in 2008. The song topped various charts like the Canadian Hot 100 and Billboard Hot 100.

His first album was “My world” that featured the most popular song ever sung by Bieber, “Baby”. Justin has since then given several superhit albums like “Under the Mistletoe”, “Believe”, “Purpose” and “Changes”. He has also featured in “Never say never” in the year 2011, Men in black 3 in the year 2012, Zendaya’s “Behind the scenes” in the year 2012, Behave badly in the year 2014 and several others.


Justin Bieber is celebrated across the world. Well his art does not only cross numbers, but also sweeps awards away. Justin Bieber has won the American Music Awards 18 times and has been nominated for the same, 22 times. He has won the Billboard music awards 19 times and has been nominated for them, 54 times. For the highly reputed “Grammy’s, he was nominated 10 times and won it once.

He won the juno awards 7 times and was nominated for it 21 times. For the MTV Europe music awards, he was nominated 42 times and won it 21 times. MTV video music awards were presented to him 4 times and he was nominated for the same 20 times.

The music video awards were presented to him 12 times and he was nominated for them 21 times. The Teen’s choice awards were presented to him 23 times and he was nominated for the same 56 times.

Justin Bieber’s Net worth

With his music videos breaking records with the pace of light, and his collaborations with the best musicians and actors of the world, Justin’s net worth isn’t an easy calculation. The zeroes are quite tiresome to be counted! Justin Bieber’s net worth is $265 Millions.

End Note

With all what he faced during his childhood, from his parent’s separation to watching his mother work day and night to earn a living for the family, Bieber is a true example of hard work.  He started from scratch and put in all the efforts he could and his success is evident.

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