How to Avoid Scams and Get a Good Diamond for Your Money in Abilene

Avoid Scams and Get a Good Diamond

Diamonds are pricey and getting your money’s worth when buying one is important. As a buyer, we should be wise in choosing whom to deal with since in the world today there are a lot of people who wants to take advantage by scamming people, not only in Abiline but all over the world. So it is always good to verify and check before finalizing your purchase. Checking on wholesale diamond jewelry stores in Abilene can be a good start to knowing who among them is accredited.

6 Steps to Avoid Scams

1. Research the company

Checking on the background of the diamond dealer is just before you make your purchase. First, you can check on their online platforms about their identity and browse every age so you can have knowledge about the company such as how long have they been in the business and you can check feedback from their previous clients. Visiting the physical store in Abilene can also be better since you can check on their staff and their stocks as well. You can also observe how they treat their customers.

2. Get a certificate of authenticity

All diamonds sold come with certification unless they are smaller than the standard size required to be evaluated. The diamond certificate contains the property of the diamond, therefore you can see the details of your diamond. Another thing to check is the diamond evaluator, make sure that the certificate of the diamonds you are buying is issued by a reliable evaluator. The more reliable and popular diamond evaluator is the Gemological Institute of America and the American Gem Society, if your diamond seller is partnered with either of this 2 evaluator then you are guaranteed the properties of the diamond on the certificate is legit.

3. Don’t buy diamonds from street vendors or jewelers who are not authorized

Only deal with diamond sellers who is legit otherwise you can get scammed. Make sure to know more about the diamond dealer before you close the deal with them. Research and do a background check since some are wise enough to deceive people that they are legit. Online stores can also be verified despite not having a physical store so do your part to check on them.

4. Make sure you get a receipt for the purchase

Receipts are the best proof of your purchase, so whether you purchase online or in a physical store make sure to get a receipt from your diamond purchase. This can help you avail of the warranties and exchange policies if you plan to change your purchase or avail of the warranties. Plus always keep your receipt in a safe and secured place.

5. Consider getting an appraisal

An appraisal can tell the real value of your diamond, that’s why dealing with an h honest diamond dealer matters a lot because you can be assured that the diamonds sold to you indeed have the right 4cs that are written on the certification.

6. Always ask questions

Making a list to ask your jeweler can give you more clarity on the things that you have in mind. Since you will be paying a high price for the diamond then ask away all the questions you want to ask before making the purchase.

Questions to Ask the Jeweler

Are your Diamonds Real?

Asking this question will make the jeweler let you understand the source and the kind of their diamonds. This can give you more idea about the diamonds they have such as of they are natural or lab-grown, reputable sores will immediately tell you without even asking the details of the diamond you want to buy.

Are your Diamonds Certified?

Most jewelers are open to showing the diamond cert8ifcation without being asked however as a buyer you can verify before you make your purchease to make sure that their diamonds have certificates.

Where does your Diamond come from?

Asking this question will give you an idea about the source of the diamond you are buying and this can make you guilt-free since you are assured that your diamond is not a “blood diamond”.

Being cautious is important when making a purchase to avoid getting scammed by people who want to take advantage. Do your research and find an honest diamond dealer to buy your diamond from.

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