A Complete Guide to Lake Glenbawn Dam Camping

Lake Glenbawn Dam Camping

Camping at Lake Glenbawn Dam is one of the largest freshwater dams in New South Wales. Many locals go to the dam to fish and enjoy downtime. There is a large camp for tourists who want to enjoy the environment around Lake Glenbawn Dam. Read further for a simple but complete guide.

How to Get There?

Lake Glenbawn Dam is located 2 hours from Newcastle and 15 minutes from Scone. If you want to visit the dam, you can take it on the road with a camper, caravan, or RV. You will have to drive about three and a half hours off the New England Highland before getting to the campground.

How Much Does it Cost?

Lake Glenbawn Dam has 100 campsites, powered and unpowered. Staying at an unpowered campsite costs $18-$20 per night out of season and $25 during the peak holiday. Powered campsites cost about $10 more per night, but it is worth the extra.

When is the Best Time to Go?

The best time to camp at Lake Glenbawn Dam is in Spring. The season is busy, but it’s time to enjoy most campground features. Nonetheless, the camp is generally available year-round. It is better to book ahead during peak holiday seasons as many spots get quickly taken. You are more likely to get a free site anytime in the off-season. Your timing should also depend mainly on the camp activities you want to engage in.

Which Amenities Are Available?

Lake Glenbawn Dam camp has a kiosk that stocks camping essentials. You will get ice, fuel, and refreshments from the kiosk. If you want to cook a meal, you must bring everything you need.

There are shops in Scone where you can stock up before you get to camp. It may be a good idea to stock up there before you get to the camp to avoid moving around much.

What Can I Do at Lake Glenbawn Dam?

Many locals visit to fish in the dam, and tourists are not exempted from this activity. There are several golden bass, catfish, carp, and Murray cod to catch in the water. You can also get a canoe or kayak on the water.

In addition, the camp has a large outdoor pool by the entrance where you can swim if you want. You may also explore the surrounding areas for a sight of the wildlife inhabiting the area.


Camping at Lake Glenbawn Dam is an excellent way to escape the bustle of your everyday life. You can spend 3 to 5 days swimming, fishing, kayaking, and meditating. You now know what it would cost you in money, time and the activities you can enjoy while you are there.

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